28 Aug 2011


marvin saidi | 04:48 |
Who doesn't like facebook? Everyone
does, me included. My I-pad has
beared all the brunt of facebook, only if
it could speak! Since they keep changing the format,
more and more of people's private life
is being exposed and showing every time on
my homepage like i care . I have being seeing
many of those "X is no longer listed in a
relationship" or "Y is now single" or "K
is now in a complicated relationship" updates in the last couple of weeks-dayz! The shocker is the rate at which people
are breaking up on facebook.
Txtd me yesterday and from her txt tone,
She was mad and not happy. "SHe's insecure and feels stupid ever since she met me" She said! " coz i have so many gal pals and im known around town being the man whore who only view women as walking vaginaz haha xo not true *jst 2 b clear* And the worst
part is that She did it over facebook on my phurkn wall nKt! Clearly taking me off the other chx market ,SHe couldn't even call me and just ask if i like her or feel the same for her as she's so 'in love wth me' after a continous week of seriously SHAGGIN!
" If you're the kind of chick who's full of drama and insecurity" keep this in mind its a phurkn turn off n men daen love it..
The weird part is i never told her i liked her nor love bt she got so emotional and jealous everytime, i admit im a too much spender on chick and my palz and im not tht relationship type of guy coz i love action and challenges
Nw il hav to shut my mouth coz i'ld go on n on al day

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