3 Sep 2011


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It has never been a man thing to have on bright colored outfits but in the recent past men have being defying the norm and trying out some color. For me personally i believe it is some thing that we men should try out but with limits because not any color works for everybody.  first you should be very keen on the color coordination and two the type of out fit.
t's that dreaded look on people's faces. Don't you hate that? So what if you wanted to wear your favorite top with a pair of pants that didn't go together?
You tried to make it look nice. You even wore a headband that was the same color as the pants to make it match..a little.We all have that favorite top in our closet. The one we wouldn't mind wearing a couple of days if we could make it look nice and fresh everyday. Unfortunately, that favorite top won't always look nice with everything you wear. Most of the time, you'll end up looking like you stumbled out of your closet with that top on. Don't worry, there's a way to mix and match without looking like a total mess.

SECOND TIP: Dark colors won't always look good with other darker colors. For example, violet won't always look good with fuschia. If you're looking to dark it up with color, then try to mix and match that dark color with something lighter. Let's say you have a fuschia dress, then you need to wear light colored shoes. White is good. Black pumps or heels won't. You could get away with wearing black knee-high boots, depending on the length and design of the dress. If the dress is above the knees, then black boots could work. If not, then don't even bother. The dress will mesh with the boots and look bad.

THIRD TIP: Be careful with bright colors. It depends on the brightness of the colorful outfit if it'll match together. Light green won't look good with another lighter shade of green. You'll just look like a plantain. A great thing to do with really bright colors is to mix it with something not too dark, but dark enough so that you won't blind anyone. In this case, black is great. If you're top if neon pink, then a black skirt or jeans will make you not only look daring, but bold. The neon pink makes you stand out, but the dark bottom brings the colors together to create a daring and creative look. If you want to take it to another step, then try mixing that outfit with white or black shoes. Maybe even the same color as your top!

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  1. very interesting article this is congrats man....


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