14 Sep 2011


marvin saidi | 05:32 |

Before i cough any word my fellow bloggers or readers i must say first that "fashion is what you given four time a year but style is what you choose out of the fashion" and my advice to you people is find what works best with you and try to understand how to work with it or under it my fashion followers.in my own words i dont see the use of seeing you friend all dressed up and looking good then you of all people going to shop for the exact outfit you saw them with now that would be pure shaddyness to me TRUST me i would even loose respect for you..
To me anything you have in your closet is the best piece that most of your friends dream or would kill to have but for you ohh!!!!NOOOO u look down on yourself..

Anyhu enough with the lecture now let me show you what i mean image wise and then let you comment for  yourself if this simplicity aint fashion enough 

  •  blue rugged boyfriend jeans <denim>
  • brown girlfriend jacket

Denim Boyfriend Jumpsuit

Yellow Vintage Blazer + Denim Shirt + BF Jeans


Trench Jacket + Military Flounce Skirt


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  1. I follow style pantry! I love her style.. very excited that flares are making a come back this fall. Her outfits are quite inspiring.


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