3 Sep 2011


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Morning Guyz so this weekend is here and its tym to dress down.  this weekend in looking forward to rocking more accessories, as you will notice the looks below involve more accessories and i think guyz should try having a little accessories but dont over do it coz it might backfire one you so start simple..
oh! by the way I.O.N(in other news)
today saturday the 3rd is EARH DANCE the full trance,electro festival movement in nairobi which my cousin has been preaching day in day out for me for the past 2 months ago before i came back to kenya so today is the day i get to go for it and get wasted and have fun to the fullest with
me pals so if your going to lets meet there but if your not sorry you can just sit at the comfoort of ur home and wank or watch the news haha..
anyhu back to fashion matters now.........
now this look i really do like and embrace: for those who dont know ....his wearing a topman Boyfriend skinny Carky pants nice... 2. A h&M white Tshirt  and down thea some old monk loofers

So for you my fellow dudes out there today is kinda very hot and sunny and you wont have to put on a leather jacket as we normally see other Kenyans wearing 'em even in the burning 200 Degrees solar weather just to show off that they have a leather jacket,sweater or ishhht!!!!!
Ill advice you to go light today a V neck t-shirt,folder shorts,plimsoles/mocasinness,loofers,or slipons works the trick ,in case some of u  don't know the slip on shoes here is a display though they come in different styles depending on the brand these ones im showing you are from SOLUDOS


How to wear your shorts and dont look stupid or with no fashion idea sense Bcoz Some people tend to over dress during the weekends which shouldn't be the case, so avoid doing more than one layer

Now that in Kenya ,being Nairobi the Capital city not all of the dudes around know much about fashion they just tend to wear anything to cover there nakedness which personally i have no problem with but for me my motto is always dress to impress people DRESS TO FUCKING IMPRESS it can help you what you even dint have in mind you never know any thing can happen in Nairobi

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