21 Sep 2011


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 Hi world !!!CHULALA FASHIONS is getting more member's all the time and I'm so happy and pleased to tell you welcome on board to this fashion plane, The fashion plane will take you on a trip all over the earth to discover fashion and trends from every corner of our lovely planet ..
anyhu enough with my yapping now back to important matters so.....
am not one of those dudes for boasting…but I was kinda looking through pictures from a party I went to recently and thought, damn I have styling douche' friends (I also thought, why am I the only one who couldn’t stop flirting with some lame chicks in the party and some of the best pics taken…but another subject for another time).

I mean we had some boyfriend jackets and jeans going on in the party , though many chicks were rocking the floral look and some other awesome kind clothing my friends i tell you would think that the party was red carpet or something fancy *but people just came to show off*.
Check out the some pics and tell me what you think. We’ve got all the trends you need for summer right here.
So today I am showing off some supper looks!
Oh! and by the way ..........

I went shopping this weekend in search of chinos to wear out for my pals outdoor poetry gig with a few friends. The results of my shopping trip where  not that amusing but the best of the best things come out when i encountered some wait for the next post you'll hear about it hah aha...:

 to be cont. in a while my camera got issues haha!!!!
SCRATCH  *dj mixing scatch sound* its buck on track now buck to what i was saying 


  1. Interesting post! :D
    by the way, I like flirting with chicks too :D
    even though I have a gf D: eheh keep it up!! :)

  2. Nice post buddy. Keep up with the good work. The popularity the blog is getting is much deserved!

  3. @aLH3x hahaha looks lyk we many out thea bro n unlike u me i dnt have a g.f i dnt do relationships but i have many g.f *friends wth benefits*
    @YeamieWaffles yo!dude i must say THANKS in caps cz u'v been supportn me ever since i owe u man..anythng u wnt 4rm me jst name it

  4. I love the second photo look. Blue suit with, what I think is non-pleated black pants, is a very attractive look. If there's one thing I like to have fun with it has to be with my ring selections. I love to look for and purchase stylish stone rings. From that third image, I now have a good two to three more rings to look out for. Thanks!

  5. I don't get why someone would wear all that gold and at the same time go around with ripped jeans. I just don't get fashion :(

  6. @JustPassingBy thanx in abundance
    @heddin haha its not a ripped jeans lmao!! n the beadz its love for art


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