29 Sep 2011


marvin saidi | 02:29 |
Heeeerrrrrrroooooooo!!! *Chinese accent* :) how is everyone
doing this fab Thursday afternoon??
Ye up....look who's back!! > >spot lights n camera flashlyts on me<<
I have been battling with a slight fever since Friday. I was boilingup so hard on Friday it felt like my ballz were going to blow out my +@& *oh!Jesus* :) so I didn't want the lame fever to get the best of me, so decided to go smoke *screaming* sheesha/shisha and drink with close friends at the VILLAGE MARKET.
On Saturday, though I was down again no body function nkt! and felt sick, I attended some fashion culture event in yaya center,

which was really fun. I was able to
catch up with friends--lots aah! laughs
and jokes.

The whole event was fun.
AND NOW Sunday, I relaxed and tried to finish soc-om (ps3 soldier adventure game) and ate much food before forcefully squeezing in some studying in zeee head.
You can relax now my fellow readers/bloggers. Your day is made and will cont 2 in d future.


  1. Truth be told, I don't really like the bow-tie look. But what I do like is the third photo down. If I could pull that look off, without the accessories, I would be that much happier.

  2. ooh! My no offence.. N the way to i like the boy tie look..not everythng just the pants and shoes they'r kinda nyc.. Bt stil in al thnx 4d commentooh! My no offence.. N the way to i like the boy tie look..not everythng just the pants and shoes they'r kinda nyc.. Bt stil in al thnx 4d comment

  3. Thanks for your comment!I will follow you and i hope you follow me back (as you said).
    And for the interview contact me here: almudena@metpm.com

  4. Nice post, welcome back. Been missing out on your informative posts. Try keep us updated with stuff like this more often, as much as possible. Keep up the good work!

  5. @Almudena yeh.. About the interview let me get my content altogether then il let u kno.. +follown u nw

    @YeamieWaffles woah!! mate its been a while man.. n nw that im back the posts are back on truck.. even cant wait to come back to London nxt week cz there r pals i shuld spear *goldberg style*

  6. welcome to the blogging world!!! I'm sure you will love it!

    come over and visit Her Umbrella when you get a chance! :)



  7. HEY I'M Chinese and I don't appreciate that!!

    HAHAHAHA Just kidding man, good post.

  8. grace thanks and im on it nw her umbrella loading umbrella loading

  9. Max Power pheeeewx!mate u got me thea nxt i ws waitn 4u to said lecturing me bt hey i love CHINA Lol!


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