28 Oct 2011


marvin saidi | 13:10 |
Hellur!!! lovely bloggers this after-noon so of late, I have been involved in an email/ text name it all exchange with this lady who thinks im Brad Pitt to her all sexy and handsome.  Although, she is sure that her husband kinda suspects her that she is obsessed with me the young boy from the next door, It is pretty obvious that her husband is gay or cheating on her to coz he doesn't bother that much to investigate if we're even shagging and shit!! ( Goey Greco is alive Bitch nigger look for him and let him do his thing ) . She seems to
think to herself that both men are jealous but shock on her coz the husband is in love of other husbands hah aha!!

anyhu this story is so long and its for next time but for now back on the fashion matters......Dressing up for  work on Mondays or for any event that involves suits has been a routine thing for most guys and it has usually been a shirt, pants and black shoes or for most of guys its suits. Dressing up for the office should not be a monotonous thing and boring, coz it tends to be boring to be in a suit for the whole week. it kind of makes you unfashionable and dull after a while. so guys try different looks for work it will bring some change even in your style.

hhshhssjk ains ns s amnmajisndndn  dnff

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