11 Jan 2012

KELECHI ODU designs - FAshion Week

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Hi Everyone! How r u guys doing? Sorry for the break in transmission. Slow internet service is a real BIG  downer!! Anyhu, what have you been up to this second week of the new year? I have been enjoying my job off holiday. My birthday was 2months back i still *dream about it* !!! Feel free to leave some late birthday wishes in twitter handler @saidiChulala ha-ha!!!. Much appreciated. Had a fab time anyway....
Anyhu back to matters of the heart, body and souls FASHION-ED *motto*
my lat post was all about women so this post today is all about men's African swag!! because i so love African prints and fabrics..
and today I'm all about hyping my new found western Designer KELECHI ODU dang! this mans name just makes me smile coz everything he makes must be swaggalicious even if that is a real word i so don't know he-he!

Other wise Sir.Kelechi Odu - is a Nigerian designer and an Architect. He was inspired by his mother, he started his  fashion house in 2001.

Kelechi Odu’s men’s line has the perfect mixture of traditional Western wear with African accents. His ability to incorporate soft bright colors like salmon, pink, yellow and still maintain strong masculine attributes is absolutely amazing. The tailored pants with the blazers are classic looks with Odu’s edge.

Here are some of his collections:

 I'll have to say this though excuse some models because they are not all that he-he!! but in the end we all get to see the fashion behind it though


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