13 Jan 2012

Odio Mimonet fashion designer

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so today's post is all about

              Odio Mimonet

 my best female designer and here is here profile

"My love for art inspired the name Mi-(Monet) – after the Impressionist artist Claude MonetOdio Oseni

In many ways, this is an apt summation of the essence of the Odio Mimonet label and Odio’s journey to becoming one of the top designers in Nigeria today. As a young designer upon graduating from Yaba College of Technology and London College of Fashion, Odio sought to infuse herprofound love for art into her passion for designing couture pieces for the discerning Nigerian lady.  Odio developed early on her trademark of strong Ankara and print themes, and would continue to develop other signature elements in her designs as she set off on her fashion voyage.

Almost two decades later, Odio Mimonet has become a household name, especially following the December 2006 launch of her ready to wear (RTW) line, Voyage. The goal of her label is to ‘reflect beauty in the feminine form’ because each woman is unique and the clothes are meant to help enhance a woman’s beauty. Her style and designs inspire and liberate, as women across generations can express their own individuality and flair through her clothes. As a constant focus, Odio Mimonet provides high-quality designs and pieces for the everyday woman who needs clothes that are wearable, versatile, and stylish whether she is going to the office, to pick the children from school, or to attend an evening function.

In addition to domestic success, Odio’s‘ethnic, colorful and elegant’ designs have also opened the door to the international scene having taken part in various fashion shows and events such as M-Net Face of Africa (2010), Vlisco Urban Beat (2009), Arise Africa Fashion Show (2009), Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria, and the St. Moritz Fashion Show (2003). Her design efforts also stretch to charity, as she is involved with Designer’s Outlet for Charity, of which a percentage of proceeds go towards theInspire Africa Foundation for the benefit of street children.

With her eyes to the future, Odio is gearing to take the label to even higher levels with the introduction of an accessories line and the expansion of the current RTW offering.  These will help to push the label beyond its current African borders and establish her as a dominant African designer in selected international markets. 

Thank you for taking this Voyage with us!


  1. That metallic skirt and tip is just divine!!!


  2. I actually can't wait to be a surly old bastard. I'm getting practice in.


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