12 Feb 2012


marvin saidi | 04:27 | |
Hey... my FASHION-ED fam hows you today ALOHA!! anyhu back to matters of the heart, body, soul and mind FASHION-ED today i'll be talking a Little bit about
B Store is one of those .....
shops that catches your attention from miles away. The  boutique is located on Kingly Street in London and carries cool, modern and accessible product for him and her. They even publish their own magazine lately called B Magazine, which focuses more on style than fashion (that's my kinda mag). the clothing is fashion forward but still very practical.
anyhu that's another story for another day today its all about my bros look so here are some photos randomly snapped for y'all to get a lil educ on how to dress that ... you have in your closet but never had an idea on how to blend it in.... 

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