28 Feb 2012

fashion designer AKPOS OKUDU :- Behind the scenes photo-shoot

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Hi-ya people! How was your MID-week? Hope all is well.
Hm-mm what will I do this weekend? Cant even tell but what ....I know is this Sunday is just a couple of hours ago but it seems like its in the next 10 years :( i cant wait for it to reach i go bungee jumping Aah!!! *rick Ross' voice*
back to matters of the heart, body, mind and soul.. FASHION-ED. today i get to talk /tell you about my experience with a lovely designer backstage

The sun TODAY was out in full blaze, providing the perfect scenery, as the models posed for the camera revealing designs from  Akpos Okudu’s new collection. The young designer is excited to reveal “Cocktail Hour” the latest line to add to a budding label. Where emphasis still lies heavily on femininity, Akpos has definitely switched things up, as there is evidence of a more playful, chic and retro look.

Here's a sneak peak of Cocktail Hour........
my God if your a dude please don't wank over the beauty of this beautiful ladies ha ha!!

Designer – Akpos Okudu
Photo shoot Director – Saze Photographer – Victor Augustine
Models – Motola and   Anne



  1. I would wear some of those pieces!!


  2. @Mik and hot women too dont forget that bruv :)

  3. @R then dont waste time start making ur order online now pronto


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