17 Apr 2012

PRINTS :- African Prints by Kenyan Label Kooroo Designs

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Hello my awesome readers i told you that i'm back with a bang!! *gun shots in the air* and i will not back down again since i have switched my internet service provider coz the other one sucked Ass it made me once get to the point of breaking my lovely expensive Apple laptop *yes i have said it i own a Apple laptop the latest model* he-he!!  Anyhu back to matters of the Heart, Body and Soul FASHION-ED this day i'm taking you back to my home country Kenya (Africa) where after a long wait Finally, KOOROO DESIGNS is back with some interesting pieces in their new .........

march/April 2012 collection. I had been complaining for a while to some fellow desingers why my best Fashion Designers were slacking in making/launching a new collection..

Kooroo Designs: Kooroo which means "be proud" in Amharic (Ethiopian language) was founded in 2006 in Nairobi, Kenya, with the aim of creating a ready to wear line for women that is Africa-inspired and globally appealing. I msut say if this Label would be/ was a person it would be a confident woman who has her own sense of style and who loves different cultures.  because it combines both combines modern, timeless silhouettes with African print; surface embellishment using local craftsmanship and exquisite 


Kooroo Designs market there designs by participating in fashion events, both locally and regionally. They have shown there collections at the upcoming East African Runway Festival of African Fashion and Art (F.A.F.A) in 2008, 2009, 2010. The event has great media coverage locally and internationally and is a great platform to showcase the creativity that exists on the continent. they have also shown there collection at Swahili Fashion Week and in Scotland at the Edinburgh Mela Festival in 2010. They also use the good and bad well known social network -->>Facebook as a marketing tool.

Kooroo Designs tips to the Upcoming Designers/Start-ups:  
Focus on one area of design (i.e women's wear, or menswear etc) and build that up before branching into other areas.Have a vision and work towards that, believe in yourself and never give up. 

Well with all said and done i so hope and wish for Kooroo Designs to enter the international fashion market! this year 2012

Find out more:

Facebook: Like Kooroo on facebook
website: http://www.kooroodesigns.com/


  1. I love the post, and the blog too!!! great work,am really impressed.

    Cynthia Mwangi
    Fashion Guide International


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