30 Apr 2012

Recap - 2012 London Fashion Week

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Olla my Hombre's?? How have you been of late this new and the past week??? i know, i know i haven't been posting/blogging of for the past week but its coz i have been  up busy working on my new side job which is a fashion editor for a anew magazine in Rwanda i must say it has been fun coz trhey have been paying for my flights to and fro so I'm not  complaining much. so some Ninja bdw asks me  What do you regret doing this week? which I'm forwarding to you my readers to tell me about your week regrets for me....
Its Spending too much money, what I regret most weeks  
Anyhu back to matters of the Heart, Body And Soul FASHION-ED The London Fashion shows this season (Feb) were glamorous, and elegant and it looked to me like London was losing the quirkiness i used to love it for, Although the shows were still quintessentially English with traditional English fabrics e.g Tartan and tweeds on display but  more elegantly tailored.

These are some of the  looks from some of the designers.

Burberry Prorsum
This collection showed tradition English in fresh, modern cool way. coats and trenches were nipped in at the waist to create that hour glass look, the pockets were also puffed out for added emphasis on the waist.  tweed and wool were in good use as well as some lovely leather accents. and the colors as you can see were so on point and freshly put 

Paul Smith
Now who in this Fashion breathing world doesn't love/like this Designer Paul??? The man Upstairs definitely knows that i can to get an years hamper from Paul smith any  time of the year anyhu This catwalk was sort of androgynous British, this was one catwalk that paid homage

Vivienne Westwood
it definitely showed everything every woman/lady/chic loves about London/European fashion, because its  edgy, quirky yet cool and sophisticated at the same time. or what do you think???

Jonathan Saunders
Now this is a collection every woman i know  wanted every single piece of. Sleek use of printed fabrics with some retro inspired looks.i personally love the man style suits in use here. The look was posh and very colorful.

whats your take on London fashion week?

Have a great week and remember i'm on twitter @saidiChulala

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