13 Jul 2012

SHOES TASSELS:- Alden x Leffot Navy Suede Tassel Loafer

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Holla Hombres Apart from the word ‘’TASSELS’’ nothing catches my eye more than any sentence that starts with ‘’vintage inspired/ flat vintage shoes made in Italy’’, and that was the fish hook on my discovery of  GOODBYE FOLKS shoes. I am so impressed with the line of products these guys are coughing out and that’s even outside the inspiration they draw from vintage pieces. The brand caught me with the refreshing touches they put on their handmade shoes from the paint pattern to the choice of color especially with the pieces in our men section, to be honest brands that put out classics with a modern touch usually come out tacky. I am betting a lot of dudes are going to love the mint colored pieces with the pastel trend strolling in this summer....

Like the boots, this shoe is full of rich colors, from the lush suede, to the tan contrast stitching on the vamp and heel counter, to the beautifully contrasting antiqued edge trim. These have quite a unique and casually elegant style.
Hampton Last, Navy Suede, Flex Soles

Alden x Leffot LWTL Snuff Suede

The long wing tassel loafer is right up our ally it combines all the elements we love in a shoe.Made with velvety soft snuff suede and flex welt soles these loafers are the perfect combination for an easy to wear shoe that is sure to turn heads.




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