12 Jul 2012


marvin saidi | 19:30 |
I recently got twitter follower and bloggers asking where the could get a decent plaid velvet tassels or anything to do with tassels, so i have decided to share with my broz out there where i normally shop online for my tassels for you also to get styled up and if your a shoe freak you'll even ask for my BB PIN. anyhu back to matters of the heart, body and soul FASHIONED , Mathew Cookson an Englishman in Paris. Twenty-years ago, he brought Shipton & Heneage, his family’s brand, to the city. His shoes had a reputation for very English qualities: premium materials, impeccable construction.
Over the years, He gave a distinctively French idiom to the collection by stressing contemporary design, international style and luxury finish. The Paris line has so proved so successful that he gave it a new name – Matthew Cookson.

The new brand features new models, new lasts and new materials. They combine French flair and wit with British construction and (just a little) eccentricity. Sourced from English and Italian workshops with which he have personal relationships, today his collection contains the most original shoes yet produced, led by celebrated slippers.

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