15 Oct 2012


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Safari Fashion Week is an annual event organized by AFAD-K with the aim of promoting the the fashion industry in kenya.
  A FAD-Khas brought individuals in the fashion careers together, with the intention to build a standing of the Industry within the community and carry the expression of Kenyan Culture through Fashion, with the intention to develop creative talent and establish a Professional Profile Locally and Internationally.
Safari Fashion week The show aims to display fashion collection by the best of Kenyan
designers representing creativity and slender of our culture and traditions.
It will provide a platform to creative designers to showcase their art work and talents. The project will also open vast networking opportunities for designers, stakeholders, media and guests.
Featured designers are Sally Karago, Betty Vanetti, Peggy Onyango e.t.c


Don't miss out this opportunity to meet and interact with Kenya best designers....

Tickets available at : All carnivore outlets, Absolute Juice yaya center (2nd floor) and AFAD-K offices Adalyn house next to Nairobi Baptist Church Ngong road.
Experience fashion on a new dimension. Get your tickets asap
You can check out them here:
   Twitter- info_afadk

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