5 Jul 2013

FASHION BLOGGERS: - I'm Back Finally

marvin saidi | 15:38 |
Hello Hello!
finally I'm able to get my hands back on my lappie and im back to my Hometown Nairobi-Kenya after a whole 3 months of travelling up and down different countries lauching my company brand and doing business not forgetting its close to my graduation :-)
I have read  tons of  e-mails from you and I'm soo happy to hear from my esteemed readers wanting me back and more of Chulala and today hence forth,on this very day, i would like to announce that i'm now officially listed as the Nu-peoples Fashion magazine Blogger in the United Kingdom and i also received the Card like finally :D

I know some of you are asking Where the hell have i been?!? I'm such a rubbish blogger. But whatever i love money and papa bear had to do what papa bear had to do and I'm hopefully back to normal blogging from now on and if not then you can slap me in the eye. Thank you to everyone who's been patient with me.

I thought i'd do a little post on my favourite fashion gurus, who i get the most inspiration from. They're all so inspirational and too good as well so i wouldn't mind having their clothes and lifestyle, as well as their fabulous rides!

1. Tom ford 2. Ermenegildo Zegna 3. Jake Gyllenhaal 4. Burberry

I'm pretty sure i'm slightly in love with them all. Thank you again to all you beauties that have held on with my blog! i'm hopefully back now and i'm excited!

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