1 Sep 2012

MENS FASHION:- Cropped/Rolled up Pants

marvin saidi | 10:34 | 1 Comment so far
With the rise of different fashion styles/trends coming up everyday which is somehow hard to keep up with, designers have provided an alternative other than the usual rolling the sleeves up.  Now that this trend has caught on, designers have tailored pants to fit right above the ankle.  This genius alternative are referred to as 'CROPPED PANTS' or boyfriend pants. However they have been around for a while, popularly worn by our women folks, but recently a new fad by men nowadays.
When i talk about Cropped pants everyone well guess not everyone but anyhu by default assumes i am talking about Female clothing but guess what Guys and Gals Cropped pants are the in thing for men to wear this Summer Yeeeeah Buddddy u heard me right.....