28 Jan 2013

FASHION:- Fashion High Tea 2013 edition

The Fashion High Tea is back with new changes and going to be bigger, and for those who dont know anything about Fashion High Tea its a very high profile event that is put together for the upwardly mobile discerning professionals, to indulge/ get involved in their favorite hobbies, i.e. fashion, shopping and socializing at the same time indulging in luxury and sophistication atmosphere. so if you have never been at any F.H.T think about that and picture what your missing while sitting at home watching teen republic or I.E.B.C proceeding or whatever
This new years Fashion High Tea will be happening on the 9th of February 2013. The classy fashion profile event brings together fashion enthusiasts as i earlier said and key players in the industry together in a VIP setup.

11 Jan 2013


marvin saidi | 07:00 | | leave your comment
Say Kenya and images of beautiful landscapes and wildlife immediately jump into mind in quick succession, Say Italy and fashion and maestros images invade you! It is therefore no surprise that Tujipambe the upcoming online fashion merchandiser is marrying these two. This will be Tujipambe’s annual event which will introduce its new collection.
Tujipambe is the epitome of where fashion meets style with class and elegance, boasting fashion selections for women from the curve to the zero. The show will be an extravaganza of high fashion coupled with live music. Italian, award winning jazz maestro Enrico Crivellaro and his band of Pietro Taucher on the Hammond organ B3, Simone Serafini on the bass, Carmine Bloisi on the drum and will be joined by powerful