31 Mar 2012

African prints:- Babutunde by Gareth Cowden

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Hellur my esteemed readers of this cold world so my niece called me yesterday nite from boarding school in England. She’s not allowed to have a cell phone in school (poor her) neither is she allowed to use it after hours but I guess that doesn’t count when you’ve spent all your pocket money and neither my sister or brothers “understand”. Therefore I will “understand” since it wasn’t too long ago I was in the same shoes.
So I agree to get some money to her after all I am and always have been the “cool Uncle”.
We move on and she goes “Sooo…

27 Mar 2012

FASHION:- The Janet Mbugua Collection Launch (Wambui Mukenyi) *Who wore What*

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Hi Everyone, How is it going??
Sorry about the sporadic blogging! I am currently held up with traveling, fashion magazines back in London wanting my skills and interviewing me here and there plus my Job God *chokes thyself* anyhu at the moment and its rather crazy. Anyhow back to matters of the heart, body and soul FASHION-ED
At the moment,....

23 Mar 2012

FASHION SUMMER :- Meltin'Pot, Spring/Summer 2012

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 Olla my Hombre's how are this fine Friday?? to my Muslim Bruvs and Sisters Jumaa Kareem and Christians Thank god for this gorgeous day he has allowed you to wake up, breathe and live :). anyhu back to matters of the heart, body and soul FASHION-ED *chulala fashions motto* so we all know we are in summer break now and how can i not post about the awesome Spring/summer collections??? by the name .....

22 Mar 2012

MEN SHOES:- Label Shem Paronelli Holiday 2012

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OK, blah blah – I know I have been terrible at updating the site for the past one week, but that's coz i have been moving up and down, working here and there trying to save alot of money to open a huge office and looking for the right team, interior designers to make my office vision come to life *CHULALA FASHIONS*  offices and a firm Office and damn!! i though it would be easy but trust me its sooooooo hard and hectic to manage its like im running to be a president of my country anyhu hope all goes well before end April. Now back to

16 Mar 2012


Hey guys, I have been really uninspired the past few days hence my lack of blogging, I do not know why... I feel like I just need a long vacation and sleep away from everything and everyone and just do me but since I cannot do that at the moment :( , I resort to those little things that make me happy to keep me going. Anyhu back to........

10 Mar 2012


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Hey ya everyone! This week went pretty fast! I aint complaining, am just saying... I can't believe it's Sunday already....
Want to get your 'fashion fab' on this weekend???? well.. yesterday there was an event called Nairobi Fashion Market i informed you about actually happened yesterday and i will be posting what went down probably tomorrow anyhu back to......................

9 Mar 2012


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Hey FASHION-ED people Sorry about the sporadic blogging! I am busy traveling around Africa at the moment and its rather crazy. #thisShitCraaaay
Anyway, International Women's Day was here and already passed hope y'all showed your women some love,
Hope all of you are doing great as always and if not please follow me on twitter and get to tell me whats up im a good listener and im not bragging!! anyhu.....

8 Mar 2012


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Hi y'all, Hope everyone is having a great week so far. anyhu So if you've ever thought of switching up your style, female African inspired clothing and accessories are a great way to add some edge to your total look/fashion swag.
If you are a female all the pieces here are drool worthy. Even greater is the excellent quality finishing and 'affordability'. That equals Winning to me. Feast your eyes! sexy ladies out there logged in to this online fashion magazine and let me be your your pilot as usual  

7 Mar 2012


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Boo yah!! Yezzar !! Arise is finally here. Venue is the Federal Palace Hotel VI. now the QUESTION is will you be attending any of the shows? if not Be sure to follow the shows and look out for runway photos from the official site or bellanaija.com or yours truly chuchu-chulala.blogspot.com.

Me, I'll be so not there because duty calls but don't worry i have a inside person who will be sending me the clips and photos daily and i will be posting them here for you too check out what was happening/going on.

6 Mar 2012


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Hello Lovelies! I'd just like to give you guys another heads up on CHULALA FASHIONS . I talked about the N.F.M  first some months ago actually last year, but there have been some new developments regarding the event and Kenya fashion shows/events that i'd love to share soon in your ofcourse number one fashion stylist, TV, magazine blog CHULALA FASHIONS.