23 Dec 2012

FASHION:- Mozambique Fashion Week 2012 (Nivaldo Thierry)

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Highlights from Mozambique Fashion Week 2012
Designer: Nivaldo Thierry
Photo Credit: Simon Deiner/SDR Photo

Designer: Nivaldo Thierry

22 Dec 2012

FASHION:- cardigan Sweaters MaXhosa by Laduma knitwear

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MaXhosa by Laduma knitwear started in 2010 with a thirst to find knitwear design solutions for amakrwala (Xhosa initiates).
His vision was to create a modern Xhosa-inspired knitwear collection that would be suitable for amakrwala, who are prescribed by tradition to dress up in new dignified formal clothing for six months after initiation.
As a person who has undergone that process, He felt that he had to develop knitwear that genuinely depicts hiscultural aesthetics.
Along his journey into exploring astonishing traditional Xhosa beadwork craft, patterns, symbolism and colours.

16 Dec 2012


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Hey dollies, happy Sunday morning to you! 
I love being a fashionista, there are totally NO RULES per-say , none. We wear what, when and how we want!! anytime we want it, Some might think your outfit looks like a HOT MESS, but someone who understands FASHION and where your coming from Fashion wise will definitely think its fabulous  #POW!!.
Anyhu back to the matters of the Heart, Body and Soul FASHION-ED  today .....
actually a day later after TRILOGY took place is when I'm busy editing some photos i took which i will hopefully upload here tomorrow but before tomorrow comes today im going to talk about 10 essential things us men should always have in our day to day journey

9 Dec 2012

LOOKBOOK:- Afican Ladies killing it

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Hey and feel free to leave your comment


7 Dec 2012

FASHION:- Afro-Pop by (Selly Raby Kane)

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S e r a k a  is a designer brand created in 2008 by Selly Raby Kane a Senegalese fashion designer.Urban, Afro and pop,  Seraka was fed by street art, pop art and music from rock to hip hop.
Just like this new generation, urban, curious and opened to the world Seraka embodies the ultimate blend.  A mix of influences and trends for a unique and uninhibited style.
With attention to detail and a passion for accessories, Seraka builds a strong personality, Free and Sophisticated, Rebel and assertive.

30 Nov 2012


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Please do excuse my lack of updates on the blog of late. I've been trying to recover froma serious paper chase meetings with investors and trying to mkae ends meet which took all of my free blog time... anyhu back to matters of the Heart, body and Soul FASHION-ED to day is all about
photos no talking or explaing feel free to leave your comment below and follow us too,,......

29 Nov 2012

FASHION FEAUTURE:- Erykah Achebe's Style Blog

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My fellow Fashion bloggers this week is all about trying so hard to find out about other bloggers and bring them to the lime light through my one and only site, anyhu without further or do today my first Blogger from Africa but currently lives in Texas is Miss Helene who recommended this style blog to me, and I am so glad she did, as Erykah Achebe's blog is stunning! Erykah lives in Dallas, Texas, and she knows how to dress with style and rock some great tribal print combinations perfectly without forcing/sweating it hard and making her look as if she tried so hard like some women/ladies around/across the globe................

28 Nov 2012

FASHION:- DELLA (carry change)

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So I'm sorta a music slut, today I'm in love with Davido, tomorrow Elani music and the list goes on and on. So in this gorgeous month of Early dec, 2012, my heart has found shelter in the loving arms of an awesome brother called Makadem.
His music takes me so many different but very lovable forms; "quirky, emotional and even playful, his beautifully scented vocal chords will take you" *no HOmo*
Anyhu back to matters of the heart, Body and soul FASHION-ED, so today im going to inform you guys about the Fashion Label by the name of DELLA.............

17 Nov 2012


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Hello my people, Today is shaping up to be a great day. I’m poised, energized and ready to get some workout in later today. Once again i have missed yet another landmark in the growing Nigerian fashion industry; MTN LAGOS FASHION & DESIGN WEEK. Sigh!
To say i have been impressed would be a gross under-statement. Not only were there more menswear offerings; the quality was impeccable.
Here are a couple of the showcases;

16 Nov 2012

GUEST BLOGGER:- AUDREY- RE-STYLE YOUR DENIM (http://inches2style.blogspot.com )

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Yeah! Yeah! i know and we both know (you and me) It’s been a long, long time before i posted anything here, but it’s finally here  again im back!i was totally caught up trying to make ends meet and of-course look for awesome new Guest fashion bloggers and that is why today i bring to you the awesome, beautiful Audrey Masista of http://inches2style.blogspot.com  she has style and i had to confront here to make an appearance in CHULALA FASHIONS ,Anyhu with less talking here is what she had for you.......

23 Oct 2012

FASHION:- 46664 Autumn Winter 2011/2012

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I definitely feel the pattern mix/combination of this collection! Showcased at South African Fashion week, S.F.W color blocking in menswear, is def a major go Go! Plus prints, mixing prints and bold colors, the collection features both menswear and womenswear but on this post today im dwelling on with the menswear..
have a look at the collection and feel free to eave your comment about what you think about it...........

22 Oct 2012


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This week its all about ladies looks and runways shows/collections

16 Oct 2012


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For all my fellow/bros and the fashion loving men out there, Petrouman’s recent S/S 2012 Collection has definitely drawn a strong inspiration from Africa, certainly through its use of fabrics. This recent assemblage is confined to mainly deep denim blues, stone grey, browns and creams- very earthy… very African. Loving the tribal hand patterns recurring in most of the garments and elasticized cropped harems. If your keen enough you will Notice a very similar vibe to that of.................

15 Oct 2012


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Safari Fashion Week is an annual event organized by AFAD-K with the aim of promoting the the fashion industry in kenya.
  A FAD-Khas brought individuals in the fashion careers together, with the intention to build a standing of the Industry within the community and carry the expression of Kenyan Culture through Fashion, with the intention to develop creative talent and establish a Professional Profile Locally and Internationally.
Safari Fashion week The show aims to display fashion collection by the best of Kenyan
designers representing creativity and slender of our culture and traditions.

14 Oct 2012

STREET FASHION: Nairobi style

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street style nairobi

13 Oct 2012


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African fabrics are always known for their bright colors and distinctive designs, The African Fabric,is definitely rich with cultural meaning. The word “Kitenge” has evolved into describing an African cotton fabric printed in various colours and designs with distinctive borders that is used to create garments, accessories & decor items. Within the past decade, the Kitenge has experienced tremendous popularity and can now be spotted on international fashion runways and worn by celebrities around the world.  
It is no longer a fabric associated with rural Africa. It is now ...........................

12 Oct 2012


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The Swahili Fashion Week- Nairobi showcase went down over the weekend at the Michael Joseph Center and all people who went must admit that it definitely kicked Ass. Since this was the first time that it was happening in Nairobi, Kenya people were anxious to see what was going to be brought on the Runway by the designers. The place was fully packed as the tickets were all sold out. The designers did an excellent job and the co-ordination of the whole event was excellent plus the models not to forget.  The designers collections were interesting as each person had there own creativity and individuality not forgetting the major aspect prints were mostly seen , yet not forgetting Patricia Mbela who didn't disappoint at all as her designs had great color schemes, modernized prints, stitching,creativity and the accessories made and used were just on top of the world.

10 Oct 2012


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The other day I was walking through village market when I spotted this gorgeous woman. I rushed through the crowds and finally caught up with her and asked if I could take her photo and a photo with her too of-course. We exchanged numbers so hopefully you will see a lot more of her very soon!because she has this elegant classy fashion style you'll totally love,
Anyhu If I have learned anything over the last four years it is that style is a reflection of how we feel and take care of ourselves.

6 Oct 2012


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BAZEEEEEENGAR! Been a while since i posted anyhing. I am so sorry. For some reason, i have been unable to create some balance in my personal life of-late. Work, school and random hookups,raving  are clashing. Classes during the weekends have kinda toned my looks to a more laid back casual style. However, i plead that you give me some time to get my stuff together.
Meanwhile,back to matters of the Heart, Body and Soul FASHION-ED..............................

1 Sep 2012

MENS FASHION:- Cropped/Rolled up Pants

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With the rise of different fashion styles/trends coming up everyday which is somehow hard to keep up with, designers have provided an alternative other than the usual rolling the sleeves up.  Now that this trend has caught on, designers have tailored pants to fit right above the ankle.  This genius alternative are referred to as 'CROPPED PANTS' or boyfriend pants. However they have been around for a while, popularly worn by our women folks, but recently a new fad by men nowadays.
When i talk about Cropped pants everyone well guess not everyone but anyhu by default assumes i am talking about Female clothing but guess what Guys and Gals Cropped pants are the in thing for men to wear this Summer Yeeeeah Buddddy u heard me right.....

28 Aug 2012


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Its kinda difficult to be a male fashion & style blogger, Don't get me wrong, we Kenyans men are stylish; but we live in an uber-conservative environment where men are meant to be naturally stylish, but not speak about our interests in fashion and grooming as it is seen to be effeminate. Our interests should naturally be in football, women etc so that's how our old men kinda thought or view us men to be.
Anyway, back to matters of the heart, Body and soul FASHION-ED

20 Aug 2012

New Collection: by Eskado Bird SS2012 WYF? (What’s Your Freedom) , (Tanzania, London based)

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Hey hombres, how was/is your Monday  so far? For me its actually kinda nice coz its a holiday in my country Kenya (Eid Mubarak Holiday for my fellow Muslim bros and sisters), I love being a fashionisto, coz  there are totally NO RULES per-say , and i mean NONE! personaly i think that dressing up is an Art that many people take for granted and some lack. We wear what, when and how we want!! anytime we want it, Some might think your outfit looks like a HOT MESS, but someone of us who actually understand FASHION and where your coming from Fashion wise will definitely ..................

15 Aug 2012

SHOES:- Mens Dress Shoes by (goodbye folk)

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 Hey Everyone!!!! Hows your Wednesday?  this week  I won’t lie, my week is already hectic and long! Lots and lots of work...Seriously, Thank God its Wednesday tho'! Its time for some chulala fashions mid-week luv....You know you are on to something when your first thoughts are, … ”OMG! I have to have that shoe!!!” I stumbled upon good bye folk shoes during my usual rounds at Bristol and was smitten by these stunning mens flat shoes actually the owner told me they are unisex :(. I think they cut to the chase.  
have a look and tell me what you think about them

11 Aug 2012

Fall/Winter 2012 Collection :- 'Xutra' Christie Brown Ghana

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Hey everyone. sorry I've been M.I.A. its been a busy busy couple of months ; work, fashion, more fashion and now traveling here and there and of-course raving. So instead of giving excuses, I've decided to keep you in the loop with photos of where i am and what I've been up to, or at least try to this whole week. keep it Chulala Fashions
Right now I'm back in my home town Nairobi with my gorgeous styling partners; who are also designers, its been an amazing couple of days. I'm here working on my new collections and stuff yet to premire very soon out in

10 Aug 2012

AFRICAN PRINTS:- Nelson Mandela's Brand 46664

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SO I've fallen dangerously in love with 12 different ladies, yep you heard me right 12 different ladies, but before you call me a slut/man hoe whatever, i mean musically. Here are the 12 ladies that made music in 2012 extra special (With a song i love from each of em, LISTEN and fall in love :-)  but before i tell you more about my 12 ladies today I'm yet to tell you about the South African brand by the name of Nelson Mandela
Nelson Mandela, former prisoner, freedom-fighter and President of South Africa, started his own fashion label 46664, which is also the name of his N.G.O. The name is a combination of his prison number and the year he was incarcerated, yeaaah! Buddy!

9 Aug 2012

Exclusive Interview With :- Emo Rugune the new Face of the Fashion World

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No runway is complete without the models that give real life to the beautiful designs and outfits by the awesome designers. African models continue to set a standard on international runways and set the pace for other models to follow *Tru dat*.  From his amazing personality, graceful and unique walk, Emo Rugune is yet to become the favorite of many in the fashion industry in Nairobi and soon the diaspora. He has walked for top designers such as in country so far e.g Nick e.t.c. He has also graced the covers of top media publications.
Besides the fashion shows and the glam connected to them, Emo shows his other side by giving back to his community at the Ogwellah Foundation.  Talk about a model with a difference.

6 Aug 2012

COMING SOON THIS WEEK:- Exclusive Interview With :- Designer Nick Ondu the talk of town ANKARA VINTAGE

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Hello fashion lovers?? hope your new Month/ week is great so far so good and your giving thanks to the almighty god/Allah for waking  you up anyhu today its all about Africa and its newest faces in fashion, Modeling, designers e.t.c so sit baaaackk *inserts Jeff Koinages Voice* and relax as i inform you day by day about the different faces in Africa, East Africa e.t.c.
..Like the saying goes, fashion passes but style remains. Kenyan ladies (and gents) have always been fashionable but today, fashion in Kenya is increasingly becoming a fore-front for our culture and the country and this in turn spells out style.

24 Jul 2012

COMING SOON THIS WEEK:- Exclusive Interview With Emmanuel EMO the new Face of the Fashion World

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Hello fashion lovers?? hope your week is great so far so good and your giving thanks to the almighty god/Allah for waking  you up anyhu today its all about Africa and its newest faces in fashion, Modeling, designers e.t.c so sit baaaackk *inserts Jeff Koinages Voice* and relax as i infrom you day by day about the different faces in Africa, East Africa e.t.c.
..Like the saying goes, fashion passes but style remains. Kenyan ladies (and gents) have always been fashionable but today, fashion in Kenya is increasingly becoming a fore-front for our culture and the country and this in turn spells out style.

Art & Beer Festival Vol II

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Hello people hope your week is good so far so good like mine because all i can think of is for the God damn weekend to get here already because there are totally hot 2die4 events going down on the weekend from every night event to the most anticipated beer festival again Art & Beer Festival Vol II  if you missed the first one i dont know actually how to explain to you how good this thing is, its like the Mingle and blankets and wine combined together only that it goes for two straight days my friend not one or one and half no but TWO *yeeeaah! bUUUUUUdddy*

13 Jul 2012

SHOES TASSELS:- Alden x Leffot Navy Suede Tassel Loafer

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Holla Hombres Apart from the word ‘’TASSELS’’ nothing catches my eye more than any sentence that starts with ‘’vintage inspired/ flat vintage shoes made in Italy’’, and that was the fish hook on my discovery of  GOODBYE FOLKS shoes. I am so impressed with the line of products these guys are coughing out and that’s even outside the inspiration they draw from vintage pieces. The brand caught me with the refreshing touches they put on their handmade shoes from the paint pattern to the choice of color especially with the pieces in our men section, to be honest brands that put out classics with a modern touch usually come out tacky. I am betting a lot of dudes are going to love the mint colored pieces with the pastel trend strolling in this summer....

12 Jul 2012


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I recently got twitter follower and bloggers asking where the could get a decent plaid velvet tassels or anything to do with tassels, so i have decided to share with my broz out there where i normally shop online for my tassels for you also to get styled up and if your a shoe freak you'll even ask for my BB PIN. anyhu back to matters of the heart, body and soul FASHIONED , Mathew Cookson an Englishman in Paris. Twenty-years ago, he brought Shipton & Heneage, his family’s brand, to the city. His shoes had a reputation for very English qualities: premium materials, impeccable construction.
Over the years, He gave a distinctively French idiom to the collection by stressing contemporary design, international style and luxury finish. The Paris line has so proved so successful that he gave it a new name – Matthew Cookson.

11 Jul 2012

Gucci SPRING 2013 SS’13 :- Milan Fashion Week: Gucci SS’13

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Olla my Hombre's?? How have you been of late this new and the past week??? i know, i know i haven't been posting/blogging of for the past week but its coz i have been  up busy working on my new side job which is a fashion editor for a anew magazine in Rwanda i must say it has been fun coz they have been paying for my flights to and fro so I'm not  complaining much. so some Ninja bdw asks me  What do you regret doing this week? which I'm forwarding to you my readers to tell me about your week regrets for me....
Its Spending too much money, what I regret most weeks  Anyhu back to matters of the Heart, Body And Soul FASHION-ED

26 Jun 2012


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Hello children of God/Allah so i had an enjoyable Monday afternoon meeting up with other fashion bloggers at the Networking Day for fashion and creative Bloggers. It was an intimate get together and it 
I hope that this event in the coming months will become a regular occurrence in the fashion blogging world because as much as it is great to connect with other bloggers online, it is as equally as important to connect with them in person. Anyhow back to matters of the Heart, Body and Soul FASHION-ED

17 Jun 2012

Fashion Magazine: - Up Close and Personal with Arinze Nwokolo of Zen Magazine Africa

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Hey my lovely Followers and Friends from other mediums? Well today i got the opportunity to bring to you/interview the one and only  Arinze Nwokolo just in-case you dont know him he is the fashion editor for The Zen Magazine Africa. So many people want to be a fashion editor but they don’t really know what an editor does and is all about. It only used to be that a girl growing up wanted to be a princesses or a vet and now everyone wants to be a fashion editor how Sad.
Anyhu when I heard about Arinze Nwokolo, I had to get an interview, being a big fan of Zen Magazine myself.

15 Jun 2012


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No one really wants to spend their nightout in town running to the bathroom to make sure their hair is still in place (for the ladies). It is possible to impress your friends with a stunning and sexy up-do that will remain the entire evening and in there mind.  So here i decided to bring to you the African Ankara street female style Look-book check it out and feel free to leave your comments...

13 Jun 2012


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Hey! How's your week been? Mine has been full with stress from work, a constant pain in my knee and a bunch of other stuff nobody but myself knows off *sad*. So far it's been a horrible week. I always get this feeling that no matter how hard I try there will always be problems in my life cos i do many things at once n when I finish resolving something another one blows up in full force. I'm really frustrated right now. For the past couple of days I've been reluctant to blog but I decided to do it tonight. and i must.......

11 Jun 2012


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Hallo my Hombres sorry for a whole 3weeks without posting anything here but as you can see the blogs theme and design has changed because i was totally busy working on it for the whole 3 weeks do feel free to tell me how it looks like to you and what i should remove or add in it to make it better, I'd like to say that its done but sadly not its still not we are still on the final touches thou'... So as to not waste the whole month without posting anything,..............

1 Jun 2012

SPOTLIGHT:- Adama Paris

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Hallo my lovely pips its been a while but i blame it on the paper chase,
Created by Senegalese stylist Adama Amanda Ndiaye, Adama Paris features jumpers, dresses, bathing suits, and separates fashioned out of Ankara fabric. The silhouettes are modern, colors bold, and the details? Delightful.anyhu check-out this designers part 2 collection....

29 May 2012


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Trends are sure a funny thing in my opinion. Someone in this world takes a good design and exaggerates it a little bit, and then *Wallah* someone else exaggerates it further still and the same goes on and on. This occurs until we have a caricature of the original, thus causing people to denounce the design entirely and swing the other way to a whole new different design. And then came my favorite  thing in the world Shoes *siiiigh*. i mean what can one possibly do without these two leather,sued,velvet any type of shoe you have do without??? for me nothing

25 May 2012


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Hey and Bye..
check out the photos

18 May 2012

MODEL:- DANI EVANS for "Be One with the Maasai"Campaign

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You gotta admire a Black woman who rocks color mainly inspired from her roots and country Africa, and does it with style! So when I first DANI Evan's face, Woah! i have to say out loud that lady can totaaaaly geeeeeerit! I just couldn't stop clicking, zooming, staring on here pics live a pervert in a nuns room.  Dani's style's reflects what I love about fashion/Africa - it's fun, it's funky and it's fabulous, As a man who loves mixing prints and color, I was enthralled by her style. Anyhu back to...........

15 May 2012

New summer fashion:- by LABEL Ohema Ohene

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What??? please tell me beats an innovative mind of this London Based African designer Abeena Pokuaa?? Nothing that's what. She goes ahead to prove that she is the one with the OH! by Oheme Ohene as it is a pleasant mix of inspiration, class, African prints and most def creativity.

The New British  fashion label by Ohema Ohene [in Ghanaian language, twi which means Queen & king] was launched in 2008 by British born Abenaa Pokuaa of Ghanaian descent *hureeee!! go GHANA!!* . The label operates in the multi-cultural city of London which serves as one of the labels inspiration as well as it so represents her native Ghanaian roots also.

14 May 2012


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Hey my lovely fashion-ed, fashionistos/tas Gosh! has it been long since i blogged 3weeks i guess i is??? sorry loves wont happen again now that I'm back and on my job Leave *Hureeee* now from now onwards it back to the old me blogging every morning till evening nothing else to do *sighhhh!!!*  Anyhow back to Matters of the Heart, Body and Soul FASHION-ED today being a Monday I'm going to inform you of my new eye set Designers Beautiful of-course These two designers from .........

1 May 2012


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Olla amigoz!! hope all of you are doing great ..
i wanted to end your week with FASHION-ED street style photos...

30 Apr 2012

Recap - 2012 London Fashion Week

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Olla my Hombre's?? How have you been of late this new and the past week??? i know, i know i haven't been posting/blogging of for the past week but its coz i have been  up busy working on my new side job which is a fashion editor for a anew magazine in Rwanda i must say it has been fun coz trhey have been paying for my flights to and fro so I'm not  complaining much. so some Ninja bdw asks me  What do you regret doing this week? which I'm forwarding to you my readers to tell me about your week regrets for me....
Its Spending too much money, what I regret most weeks  

18 Apr 2012

PARIS FASHION:- Afro - Bikinis by Adama Paris SwimWear range

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Hey! Hey FASHION-ED lovers It is again almost that time of year: we talking beach! Beach! beach! *if your ready fi di summer lets go* hold your horses now boys and girls, I might admit I am early and that it's only April. But in my defense it is never too early to go shopping and get your swimwear/suit all together. By the time Summer rolls around the best items are usually gone or no longer available in some peoples size or they are but but somehow expensive don't wait for this to happen Ladies. 
Afro designer Adama Paris has created diverse swim wear that should appeal to all kind of body types: "I wanted to create something that would appeal to different women and make them feel womanly and sexy too.”

17 Apr 2012

PRINTS :- African Prints by Kenyan Label Kooroo Designs

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Hello my awesome readers i told you that i'm back with a bang!! *gun shots in the air* and i will not back down again since i have switched my internet service provider coz the other one sucked Ass it made me once get to the point of breaking my lovely expensive Apple laptop *yes i have said it i own a Apple laptop the latest model* he-he!!  Anyhu back to matters of the Heart, Body and Soul FASHION-ED this day i'm taking you back to my home country Kenya (Africa) where after a long wait Finally, KOOROO DESIGNS is back with some interesting pieces in their new .........

16 Apr 2012

"A Man's Story" New Film on Ozwald Boateng

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Olla me Hombres how are you doing this week/day?? hope y'all are good and kicking like of-course yours truly me CHULALA A movie about Ozwald Boateng, THE British designer of Ghanaian heritage,*hureeee Africa*  hitted cinemas in the UK on the 9th of March. "A Man's Story", so is the title of the movie,
Ozwald Boateng is well known and admired for his innovative, and luxurious menswear as well as the vibrant colors of his designs.*bdw so u know i got me some of his awesome designs*  Whenever I used/got to see his collections I got so jealous of all the men who get to wear his sophisticated designs before me but now HUUUH!! *doing the boootay dance i am also Rocking them*. bdw i have been so thinking Why hasn't the Queen made him a SIR yet? It's long overdue

15 Apr 2012

J’adore | Stella Jean’s spring/summer 2012 collection

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Hello my Fashionistas/fashionistos hope your day is wonderful like mine today,I am absolutely feeling Stella Jean‘s   2012 collection. The Italian-Haitian designer has used African wax block print fabrics and has blended the traditional and the contemporary, the Caribbean and the West to create a vibrant collection full of classic, tailored shapes.
The African wax block print fabrics lend a majesty to the collection while the stripes and chambray give the pieces a preppy feel.

12 Apr 2012

summer collection:- Loud Culture S/S 2012 Collection 2

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Hey Hombrez hope your day is good anyhu today i'm not going to talk much as i normally do *sad* coz of my internet has been acting up of late God i was so close from breaking my laptop..
anyhow today's post is all about Loud Culture collection 2 coz i already did collection one sometime this week

11 Apr 2012

Spring/summer collection:- Loud Culture S/S 2012 Collection

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Olla my Hombres!! how is your week after Easter?? for me Awesome to the core i so cant even explain what i did in one post so that will be all summarized tomorrow if my internet wont be slow as today.. anyhu back to matters of the Heart, Body and Soul FASHION-Ed..  Today im yet to tell/inform you about Young aspiring designers, Abi Fashesin and Ashley- Rae Tapping are two ladies with a passion for fashion and a strong desire to fulfil their dreams.

10 Apr 2012


Hello lovers and of-course haters if they by any chance come through this site sometime i still appreciate all in all coz I'm cool like that *s.m.h* anyhu back to matters of the Heart, Body, Soul FASHION-ED  so, Last Friday on  4th of April, all roads led To the Micheal Joseph center For The long Anticipated FASHION CAFE. which Was A networking event for the Fashion forward and Trendsetters of Kenya as a whole

31 Mar 2012

African prints:- Babutunde by Gareth Cowden

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Hellur my esteemed readers of this cold world so my niece called me yesterday nite from boarding school in England. She’s not allowed to have a cell phone in school (poor her) neither is she allowed to use it after hours but I guess that doesn’t count when you’ve spent all your pocket money and neither my sister or brothers “understand”. Therefore I will “understand” since it wasn’t too long ago I was in the same shoes.
So I agree to get some money to her after all I am and always have been the “cool Uncle”.
We move on and she goes “Sooo…

27 Mar 2012

FASHION:- The Janet Mbugua Collection Launch (Wambui Mukenyi) *Who wore What*

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Hi Everyone, How is it going??
Sorry about the sporadic blogging! I am currently held up with traveling, fashion magazines back in London wanting my skills and interviewing me here and there plus my Job God *chokes thyself* anyhu at the moment and its rather crazy. Anyhow back to matters of the heart, body and soul FASHION-ED
At the moment,....

23 Mar 2012

FASHION SUMMER :- Meltin'Pot, Spring/Summer 2012

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 Olla my Hombre's how are this fine Friday?? to my Muslim Bruvs and Sisters Jumaa Kareem and Christians Thank god for this gorgeous day he has allowed you to wake up, breathe and live :). anyhu back to matters of the heart, body and soul FASHION-ED *chulala fashions motto* so we all know we are in summer break now and how can i not post about the awesome Spring/summer collections??? by the name .....

22 Mar 2012

MEN SHOES:- Label Shem Paronelli Holiday 2012

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OK, blah blah – I know I have been terrible at updating the site for the past one week, but that's coz i have been moving up and down, working here and there trying to save alot of money to open a huge office and looking for the right team, interior designers to make my office vision come to life *CHULALA FASHIONS*  offices and a firm Office and damn!! i though it would be easy but trust me its sooooooo hard and hectic to manage its like im running to be a president of my country anyhu hope all goes well before end April. Now back to

16 Mar 2012


Hey guys, I have been really uninspired the past few days hence my lack of blogging, I do not know why... I feel like I just need a long vacation and sleep away from everything and everyone and just do me but since I cannot do that at the moment :( , I resort to those little things that make me happy to keep me going. Anyhu back to........

10 Mar 2012


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Hey ya everyone! This week went pretty fast! I aint complaining, am just saying... I can't believe it's Sunday already....
Want to get your 'fashion fab' on this weekend???? well.. yesterday there was an event called Nairobi Fashion Market i informed you about actually happened yesterday and i will be posting what went down probably tomorrow anyhu back to......................

9 Mar 2012


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Hey FASHION-ED people Sorry about the sporadic blogging! I am busy traveling around Africa at the moment and its rather crazy. #thisShitCraaaay
Anyway, International Women's Day was here and already passed hope y'all showed your women some love,
Hope all of you are doing great as always and if not please follow me on twitter and get to tell me whats up im a good listener and im not bragging!! anyhu.....

8 Mar 2012


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Hi y'all, Hope everyone is having a great week so far. anyhu So if you've ever thought of switching up your style, female African inspired clothing and accessories are a great way to add some edge to your total look/fashion swag.
If you are a female all the pieces here are drool worthy. Even greater is the excellent quality finishing and 'affordability'. That equals Winning to me. Feast your eyes! sexy ladies out there logged in to this online fashion magazine and let me be your your pilot as usual  

7 Mar 2012


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Boo yah!! Yezzar !! Arise is finally here. Venue is the Federal Palace Hotel VI. now the QUESTION is will you be attending any of the shows? if not Be sure to follow the shows and look out for runway photos from the official site or bellanaija.com or yours truly chuchu-chulala.blogspot.com.

Me, I'll be so not there because duty calls but don't worry i have a inside person who will be sending me the clips and photos daily and i will be posting them here for you too check out what was happening/going on.

6 Mar 2012


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Hello Lovelies! I'd just like to give you guys another heads up on CHULALA FASHIONS . I talked about the N.F.M  first some months ago actually last year, but there have been some new developments regarding the event and Kenya fashion shows/events that i'd love to share soon in your ofcourse number one fashion stylist, TV, magazine blog CHULALA FASHIONS.

28 Feb 2012

fashion designer AKPOS OKUDU :- Behind the scenes photo-shoot

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Hi-ya people! How was your MID-week? Hope all is well.
Hm-mm what will I do this weekend? Cant even tell but what ....I know is this Sunday is just a couple of hours ago but it seems like its in the next 10 years :( i cant wait for it to reach i go bungee jumping Aah!!! *rick Ross' voice*

27 Feb 2012

Scarves: Tie Men’s Scarves

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Many guys will think only women need to tie a scarf, whilst men prove their manhood by just throwing it over themselves – however, you should already know that by paying attention to the finer details, you can take your outfits and personal style to the next level.

With this in mind, it’s time to learn how to tie a scarf correctly and expand your options when it comes to finishing off your outfits. Today I will provide you with a breakdown of some specific type of scarves currently available on the market, and then show you 6 (yes, SIX) different ways you can tie your scarves.

25 Feb 2012


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Hi Everyone!!!!!!!!
I was trying to ‘dodge’ doing some blogging this week because I am soooo sleepy. I went to bed really early last night so I ended up waking up at 2AM. I finally went back to sleep at 5AM.
Sooooo how was your week? This week went by sooooo fast, didn’t it? Wow! Anyways, it was a fun week. I didn’t do much but I enjoyed it all the same....

23 Feb 2012

AFRICAN FASHION: Deola Sagoe’s ‘Ori Oke’ Fall 2012 Collection look-book

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I return to this blog daily with fond memories. In its pages, I have captured a bit of fleeting time, a snapshot of youth and wings stretched out in search of flight. I have grown now with where this blog has reached . I am now air-borne. My life is different and more grounded. I am happier, I think no I KNOW
 anyhu back to matters of the heart, body, soul and mind FASHION-ED
today i get to tel and show you about my new fav African designer DEOLA SAGOE

21 Feb 2012


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Hi Everyone,Happy Saturday!
This week has been 'one of those weeks'... As in, very difficult to explain, lots of fun and productive things have happened but there has been a fair share of not-so-great things TOO :(. As my mum says 'God is on the throne so all is well' Its all good because it is Friday and the day has already started off well! HUREEE! So this is my first Weekend Luv of the new year. Yay!

19 Feb 2012


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Hey my brother and sisters from another mother and connected through thick and thin cables of the internet/ WI-FI just for one course which is to blog and connect to each other and share our ideas, thoughts and much more we cant mention...... (PG rated)...anyhow today im totally going to bring to you and show you the one and only...

18 Feb 2012


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Hi Yippee! The weekend is ALREADY here.
Good Morning and Happy Saturday. We at CHULALA FASHIONS are really happy to see you on this gorgeous, bright and sunny day. As you all know it is that day of the week when Africa’s mover and shaker for all things Entertainment, Fashion, Lifestyle, Music and more - CHULALA FASHIONS gives you a first class opportunity to see for yourself the hottest places, venues, hangouts to be spotted with friends and family this weekend.

17 Feb 2012

NICE LOOK: man-look

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I’ve decided to start blogging full force again 24/7. Fashion and lifestyle are the two main-subjects on this blog as you all know and I will post everything from my own outfits to different types of guides how to and how to not wear outfits ( of course the opinions are my own, but they are based on what I see, like, love  and read on different fashion magazines and fashion shows). oh!! my bad HALLO

16 Feb 2012

Trend Look: Professor look

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Hey lovelies Believe it or not, your geography/math/english teacher was cool. and any other middle-aged teacher. that university professor look is an image to be reckoned with.
Fashion headmasters Gucci, Lavin, Salvatore Ferragamo and Roberto Cavalli have all

13 Feb 2012


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Hey everyone!!!What’s good? Hope your weekend went well. Mine was really good! I went to some very awesome events from fashion, house/trance, photo shoots and DANG!!!…blissful!
Plus one of my long time ago friends was around so that was really cool she has become really sexy with that BAM a** Anyways, with valentines upon us today I know its usually a Thursday/friday thing but this year its on a tuesday gosh!!
anyhu I'd like to give Special thanks to Grace Makosewe,


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Hey my new dimension internet friends  well today im not going to talk much because We're in shock with this unexpected news of the death of Whitney Houston; the world has surely lost such a talented singer/friend/wife/mother at only 48 years old... :( .Goodbye Whitney Houston! Your music will sure not let us forget you!

12 Feb 2012


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Hey... my FASHION-ED fam hows you today ALOHA!! anyhu back to matters of the heart, body, soul and mind FASHION-ED today i'll be talking a Little bit about
B Store is one of those .....
shops that catches your attention from miles away. The  boutique is located on Kingly Street in London and carries cool, modern and accessible product for him and her. They even publish their own magazine lately called B Magazine, which focuses more on style than fashion (that's my kinda mag). the clothing is fashion forward but still very practical.

11 Feb 2012

EVENT: Fashion After Dark

Hello beauties/BLOGGERS/fashion-ed /stylists !
Hope you're all doing alright! Things are getting a bit better over here in Kenya my home country (yes iv returned back home to Mama bear) so I wanted to make a post about an upcoming FASHION event in Nairobi that,
Is the talk of the town of late its called FASHION AFTER DARK ( F.A.D )

9 Feb 2012


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I don't know i think denim shirts rock, As you know by now, I am always on the pulse of what’s happening in fashion! :D for the express purpose of a casual look in the daytime, mall, coffee, bookstores, any type of errand i think its hard to beat a nice western shirt. although im not talking bout the waaay over the top ones with flowers and embroidery and stuff but just good patterns and denim shirts are hard to beat...

BLACKBERRY TORCH: why i sold mine

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Hey lovelies how are you this wonderful boring Thursday Ha ha!! God am i so bored in the office today *chokes myself with a tissue* to kill the boredom :(.. anyhu today I'm not talking about fashion as usual today im going all ELLEN on this blog with some story anyhow do read and fell free to comment what you think WARNING tho"
So Many people have been asking me why i sold my precious Blackberry torch *moment of silence for my loss* :),

8 Feb 2012

GLITS N THINGS -: West African Launch (by Editalo)

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Dear Friends
I'll be touring as many blogs as possible from tomorrow  as I prepare for the release of  my site ( this blog going to be website not a blog anymore) So, I am asking my wonderful bloggers to please let me know if you'd be so kind to allow me disturb your blog for one day! he he. I promise to be smart and sensible....
My first stop is i still haven't decided yet  :-)

6 Feb 2012


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HEY and today i happen to feature these random people

4 Feb 2012


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Hi Everyone, How is it going? Thanks to everyone that left their suggestions and feedback on my firstguest blogger post  MIKKI STARDUST in the 2days last post. Its much appreciated! xoxo
At the moment, im yet again on to another guest blogger very talented her name is.... *drum rolls* .....
IQUIRA (KENYA) , there are loads of  designers and lots of stuff she has done over the years from bead making,reckless and more .

HIGH STREET FASHION:- "EsOsa" Fashion 4the Workplace

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 HEY  LOVELIES Sorry about the sporadic blogging! I am so caught up organizing a huge event actually not event but events for this month of Feb in Nairobi, Kenya at the moment and its rather crazy ohh!!! very crazy i tell God.. Anyways, with FASHION HIGH TEA coming up soon, there are loads of events from kenya to London  and everywhere in between...WOW!!!......

2 Feb 2012


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Hi Everyone! So how was your week so far? Mine is alright but I cant even remember most of it because it feels sooooo distant to end already.
Anyways, back to matters of the heart, body,mind ad soul FASHION-ED for those who are new to my blog this line right there is my fashion *motto* you better get familiar when you in this site ha ha joking....
Fashion and Music was in the air as fabulously dressed folks gathered for the biggest fashion show of the year. The Runway,

1 Feb 2012


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Hi Everyone! Soooooo it’s already end month – ‘hump day’ as some call it.
How is your week so far? Hope all is going well like mine *wink*. My week has been cool so far actually. Thank God.
This past weekend I hung out with one of my very good friends, as i told you on my last post so throughout the weekend, they kept on mentioning that.....
 i should start already with my mission to look for guest bloggers and feature them on my site so as to drive traffic to there blogs/sites and they also do the same to me.

31 Jan 2012


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HEY another yet street fashion photos.

29 Jan 2012


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Hi Everyone, How is it going? Thanks to everyone that left their suggestions and feedback on chulala fashions in the last n every post. Its much appreciated! At the moment, the kenyan and Lodon fashion industry is budding, there are loads of talented designers and lots of potential for development..Sorry about the sporadic blogging!!!
I am travelling at the moment and its rather crazy.

23 Jan 2012


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Hey everyone,Ohhhhhh!!! -I’m so sorry this is late i was to post it last week :( .Where do I start, work has been sooooo incredibly mad/hectic! My company is going through major changes and my group is at the centre of it so it’s been busy busy busy! Plus It sucks that i just moved to a new country so u can imagine how crazy that is!
Though, I went for some dinner thing on Monday…FAB i must say it was .. Anyhu.....
, back to fashion matters of the heart body and soul hehehe!!!

19 Jan 2012

DORU OLOWU SPRING 2012 collection

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Hi Everyone! How r u guys doing? Sorry for the break in transmission. Slow internet service is a real BIG  downer!! Anyhu, what have you been up to this second week of the new year? I have been enjoying my job off holiday. My birthday was 2months back i still *dream about it* !!! Feel free to leave some late birthday wishes in twitter handler @saidiChulala ha-ha!!!. Much appreciated. Had a fab time anyway....

18 Jan 2012

Runway Report Top 10 Designers :- New York Fashion Week

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wow wow wow.. it has been quite sometime since I started working on my new designs. Well I am back and promise to make great new stuff more often.. a lot has been up with me, I now run an agency called CHULALA FASHIONS and and event management company , clothing etc etc etc.. Well I am working with a vibrant young dude, and my fab friend Jamal Mohammed .. beautiful dresses, skirts, tops, jeans, men clothes.. er..yaah!..
so just in case u are wondering who we are, well what i have to say is we are the new  artists who'l change the market in a new dimension *watch this space* ..

17 Jan 2012

INTERVIEW WITH:- Nyasha Matonhodze, 16 Year Old model to watch-out 4

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Hey people!!!
How r u guys doing? Oh I’m sooo relaxed and happy right now…I didn’t go to work yesterday so I got a catch up on my sleep, lounge around my house, chat endlessly on the phone, playing ps3 all day etc…it felt sooo good!  So what have u been up to? Let me know in twitter @saidiChulala
Hope u guys enjoyed this week…..next week is going to be pure FUEGO! lol…I am expecting some ‘exclusives’…so it should be good… Anyway, lets get started with......

16 Jan 2012

Africa's Garden of Fashion show

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Hello!! my friends from other dimensions ha-ha!!One of my goals when I started this blog was to expand my fashion horizon beyond the regular designers we see and hear about everyday. I luv to feature budding designers who are fab but not necessarily well-known by most Europeans, Americans, Kenyans and other Africans...I'm so blogging about this year's Cape Town Fashion Week
Anyhu back to matters of the heart,body and soul FASHION-ED ......

13 Jan 2012

Odio Mimonet fashion designer

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Hi Everyone, I'll be back tomorrow but in the meantime...visit my twitter page @saidiChulala and please follow coz ill definatelly follow you back
Anyhow iv been wondering What is it with elderly people that once they reach the 80+ mark, they stop giving a darn. Nothing and no one scares them. They don't hesitate to tell you how they feel and what they think about you? I grandmother goes in on both my mother and my uncle and occasionally me. When my mother tried to get her to take her medicine, she told my mother she has a mouth like an alligator and told my uncle that he is a panty sniffer and a bus window licker *laughs secretly* ha-hah.

11 Jan 2012

KELECHI ODU designs - FAshion Week

Hi Everyone! How r u guys doing? Sorry for the break in transmission. Slow internet service is a real BIG  downer!! Anyhu, what have you been up to this second week of the new year? I have been enjoying my job off holiday. My birthday was 2months back i still *dream about it* !!! Feel free to leave some late birthday wishes in twitter handler @saidiChulala ha-ha!!!. Much appreciated. Had a fab time anyway....
Anyhu back to matters of the heart, body and souls FASHION-ED *motto*

9 Jan 2012

Blackberry on MTN Fashion and Design Week

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Wow, I've been gone for like 2days. RIDICULOUS!! My people, I'm sorry that I've been so bad, but I'm so so busy at the moment. There's a whole lot going on with me at the moment, and I wish I could blog as much as I used to but it's just been almost impossible. but with me i always make the impossible possible *evil laugh*
I can't believe I wrote my first blog just 5months ago and i already have over 100 followers. You guys have shown me so much love through your comments, emails and Facebook messages. I appreciate it man. I've also made a few good friends here, and to be honest, blogging has opened some doors of its own. I even had my favorite author in the world email me saying she loved my blog! Crazy.

5 Jan 2012


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Helluurrr Lovely people of this world of God/Allah?Buddha whoever super-natural being you kneel down to every time to give thanks to for me i don't Judge anyhow its been a while without me posting new fashion stuff after my little traveling in the world so im back and my writing skills are back with me to *HALLLAAARR* ;-) 
Anyhu back to Fashion matters of the heart awwww!!! The NEW year is already here and

2 Jan 2012


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 Hi Everyone! (HAPPY NEW YEAR) How are you doing? I have missed u guys, I don't know how I am ever going to quit blogging because whenever I haven't blogged in a while, I feel so guilty! So what have you been up to any way this new year 2012... *cheers to getting here to by the way*
Anyhu this new year im so directing all my energy to my fellow designers and get them noticed out there hugelly by other fellow deisngers so today im bound to talk about the booming designer in kenya right now going by the name ....