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10 Mar 2016


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First of all, i must start briefly with why men and women get together at all.sine the B.C , the main reason is to reproduce and fill the earth as the Lord requested. But that can be accomplished in a matter of minutes to some, or if you’re me, hours

But why we continue to hang out beyond the brief act of "reproduction" is the nature of every love relationship. Our fellow female ancestors of 100,000 BC years ago were prone to getting knocked up quick im very sure, with the lack of birth controls and condoms. I mean, they hadn’t even invented the ‘pulling out game’ yet. Men, conversely, needed to help women do all these things to ensure their offspring survived birth and beyond, ; and to tell them “No, I don’t think you look fat in that maternity bear skin.”

5 Mar 2016


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Chulala chulala,Chulz...... yada yada where have you been we miss your writing and blog content that's the sort of mails i scribble through almost each single damn i know you mean well and im like the awesomest funny ninja you have encountered in your lives through my blog thanks to internet but can a brother try to impregnate a light skin and wife her maybe just maybe in peace without you constantly reminding me that i have a blog responsibility to keep you wanting more from m???? :-@
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, thing with blogging is that it needs time investment and energy in-that you constantly have to be publishing your original content and good stuff to,for you to please your followers.. i know most of you reading this post must be like whats this douche' bag talking about ^o) so I'll sadly enough stop with the blog talk and go on and tell u what happened

21 Sep 2015

Lupita Nyong'o Literally Shimmers on her second ' Vogue Cover'

Lupita Nyong’o October Vogue cover is her second time to premiere, and she is stunning, as always ofcourse and im not only saying this cause im from Kenya too *smirk*. The upcoming Star Wars actress also flitted through the prerequisite 73 Questions with Vogue video, where she dishes on everything from her fav drink which is pineapple juice to her favorite rap lyric to be “We want a lady in the street, but a freak in the bed.” by John Legend her fashion spread inside of the October issue are even better.

18 Sep 2015

Men's Fashion Week | New York

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I don't think I can actually choose a favourite collection from the New York Mens Week, Literally obsessed with all of these!
Jeffrey Rudes
Jeffrey Rudes
Jeffrey Rudes

17 Sep 2015

Men's Fashion Week | Paris (recap)

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Hey loyal readers wsuuuuuuup!... With  Women's wear Fashion Week just around the corner, there's no time like the present for a jiffy throwback to Men's Fashion Week, where by i will be highlighting couple of my favorite collections from Paris, Milan & New York. If by any chance you missed it, here's my review from Europe's Mens Collection.