29 Dec 2011


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Hi Everyone!How are you doing? I have missed u guys, I don't know how I am ever going to quit blogging because whenever I haven't blogged in a while, I feel so guilty!! *puppy eyes*
So what have you been up to??? The last couple of weeks have been really eventful for me but in a good way, I have been making progress with a couple of projects that I am working on be it in or outside the office so I'm grateful! Anyways, there is sooo much that I want to blog about I'll just have to take it day by day since my writing skills are back Thank God......

27 Dec 2011


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Hi lovely people of God/Allah! how have you been this week sexiest followers and readers by the way You know you are on to something when your first thoughts are, …”OMG! I have to have that dress/PANTS,SHOES,OR SUIT!!!” I stumbled upon H&M's spring/summer collection during my usual rounds at some fashion website which sadly i cant remember the name nKt!! and was smitten by the stunning A- line 4 ply maxi clothes. I think they cut to the chase; minimalistic and feminine ( if your a lady) and masculine (if your a gentleman). I love the cuts with bits of skin peeking which keeps the dress sexy but still very elegant for the ladies I MUST SAY

26 Dec 2011


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HEEEYYYYY!! Everyone, How is it going? Thanks to everyone that left their suggestions and feedback on CHULALA FASHIONS in the last post. Its much appreciated! How was your week though? My week has been crazy so far. Numerous meetings, traveling, hours spent in traffic plus I have a cold and its in the last week of December. Not fun. Anyway, as always, I like to focus on the sunny side of things so I feel happy and blessed.
I tell people that you cannot be sensitive or lack self-confidence if your from Kenya. Many people are very comfortable with giving you unsolicited opinions and advice. how do you handle it? I need some tips.....

25 Dec 2011


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Haallloooooooo!!!! fashion-ed people today I'll quickly write that my week started off very busy, work plus the gym which im back at to get that "the situations Body" ( jersey shore ) and then I have a new gym recruit, my friend who moved from his gym to mine because he needs the motivation so I have been trying to increase my work outs so he can join in with me at a great momentum and so far so good! For the last two days I have been having this silly dull ache in my leg, arms and shoulder which is quite annoying as it doesn't hurt really but it's there! NkT! Then today I got my first blisters ever! i mean ever ever in my life ever since i was born and no im not a SISSY *i can hear y'all shouting that*

23 Dec 2011

MEN ROCKING PINK????!!!!!! Metrosexual, Gay or Just as Any Other Color?

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Hallo awesome people or fashion freaks!! he-he!! hows your last week to 31st of December coming along? anyhu I’m not sure where to start…because this blog has formed such a huge part of my life that i must admit over the past 3+ months From job to job, From city to city, From makeup to breakup. You guys have been there with me on CHULALA FASHIONS Thank you soooo much!!! From all the comments to the advice to the insults  and discrimination lol!!…Its been amazing!!! now come close everyone *HUGE GROUP HUG*
I have started a new chapter in the CHUALALA FASHIONS story and its sadly enough still under construction I really hope

22 Dec 2011


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Hey guys, so today I dug out one of my "Zuby Numbers", remember my post about my tailor in Nigeria?? , Well if you dont dont worry ill be reviewing it again soon, the outfit is one of the numerous things Zuby has made for me... A couple of years ago, I discovered this Ankara store in Lagos called "DA Viva", it stocks really pretty and vibrant Ankara fabrics... On my first visit it felt like I was in a candy/shush/weed store, it was sooo hard to choose... I went back with my mama (huge Ankara/adire lover), I knew she'd love it too and I was sooo right... This fabric is one of the ones I copped from DA Viva and it wasn't long before it made its way to Zuby's shop.

20 Dec 2011


 HEYY!! People of God hope ya'l are having a great day today and everything is turning out to go your way anyhu back to why im writing this post

19 Dec 2011


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I miss you
I don't know why
I just do
Not just your smile
or your kiss
or those hands that gently,
touch my soul
I miss your heart
your flesh

18 Dec 2011


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Come check-out the fashion of the awesome pictures... enjoy and feel free to comment or follow,

                                            our-style Kenya

15 Dec 2011


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Hey lovely people of this world hows your festive December season coming along? For me well its just there no biggie anyhow back to fashion matters Oops! Sorry today im not talking or posting about fashion but just poetry about my new found HATER who make me famous...,
You talk the good talk
You tell what you know,
You think that you have all of the

11 Dec 2011


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Heeeey!! loveely Is it really okay for young children to be models?
Should a five-year-old girl walk down the catwalk in a bikini?
Of course they are cute, and sure they have fun.
At leas we think so.But do they really have fun, or is it just their parents who try to fullfill their own failed dreams, by putting their kids on runways and beauty contests?

Is it the right thing to to to teach young children that its all about how you look?
Should kids have make up?

5 Dec 2011


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Hallo lovelly fashion-ed people I also want to tell you guys that as tired as I am (mentally!!), I have been meaning to update my blog with some issues that have been bothering me about the world and people in general, but because I do not want to do it hurriedly I will take my time. I do want to thank you guys who have been commenting faithfully on my blog I love reading your comments, and it makes me happy to know we have similar goals, and a similar drive in our everyday lives. However
mundane everyday activities and mantras maybe we should write about them ,