29 Aug 2013


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 The brand’s dedication to innovating and enhancing its knitwear has not changed. High-waist trousers in breathable material, military style shirts and African tribal printed polo shirts were also seen on the Runway. The mood of the collection previewed on the second day of Milan Fashion Week, was encapsulated in an intricate sand-color crew-neck sweater with pieces of red and milky shell embroidered into decorative panels. A small leather talisman sack, for a good luck charm or precious object, was worn around the neck on strands of beads. The designer for the family label referenced the colors of the continent: indigo textile dyes from Benin, clay tones from Mali, and dark olive from the rain forests of Ivory Coast.

28 Aug 2013


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Strut It
Strut It Afrika Fashion Week is a platform that aims at highlighting our rich culture through celebrating African Heritage by bringing together FASHION, ART & DANCE.
There goal is to create a Regional Fashion Week, an event that incorporates the region by promoting talent and bringing together the vast different cultures in one arena.

~ 22 Designers from South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, Ethiopia and Kenya.
~ 33 Models from Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Congo, Nigeria, South Sudan, Antigua and Kenya.

5 Jul 2013

FASHION BLOGGERS: - I'm Back Finally

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Hello Hello!
finally I'm able to get my hands back on my lappie and im back to my Hometown Nairobi-Kenya after a whole 3 months of travelling up and down different countries lauching my company brand and doing business not forgetting its close to my graduation :-)
I have read  tons of  e-mails from you and I'm soo happy to hear from my esteemed readers wanting me back and more of Chulala and today hence forth,on this very day, i would like to announce that i'm now officially listed as the Nu-peoples Fashion magazine Blogger in the United Kingdom and i also received the Card like finally :D

23 May 2013


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The new young Award winning fashion store, Chulala has launched a collection of special, limited edition African/animal print shoes.
The shoes are made of African fabrics with brightly coloured prints, kente prints and designs, and come in a variety of styles, ranging from doll shoes, slipons, brogues, oxfords,and are presently available at the closest store near you. So why dont my readers run along to grab their pairs??? Dont forget to thank me later!

27 Mar 2013

FASHION:- Bring Out your Wardrobe with Israella|KOBLA

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Israella|KOBLA| is an African fashion label for the edgy girl that loves to express her own style through the clothes she wears. Runned by UK born, Ghanaian fashion designer, Emefa Kuadey, Israella|KOBLA| is all about creating edgy, classy and feminine looks. The brand’s debut collection is called, “Lost in the WILDERNESS” and it not only symbolizes Emefa’s entry into the fashion industry, but also urges the wearer to bring out her inner wild side in every look. this is what she had to say about the collection
"This collection is based on the idea of a regal woman trying to explore her “wild side”. Every piece in the collection has either a feminine silhouette or a very feminine feature about it. At the same time the clothes are taken to a unique level, with some sort of edgy, defining detail.

26 Mar 2013

Moupia Hats:- so Cool and Trendy! a Must-Have

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Its a new Month and i haven't been updating this blog for the past three months all because all the doors are opened for me and i kinda forgot i owned a blog so Yes! im back now with a bang now that I've worked on my free schedules, from now onward ill be uploading day-to day fashion event photos and what cut over the weekends and the talk of the town where I'll be by the current timing of blogging anyhow less talking and back to today's topic
MOUPIA HATS - Don’t get stuck on the regular snap-backs, Moupia hats are out to spice up your new-season wardrobe

28 Jan 2013

FASHION:- Fashion High Tea 2013 edition

The Fashion High Tea is back with new changes and going to be bigger, and for those who dont know anything about Fashion High Tea its a very high profile event that is put together for the upwardly mobile discerning professionals, to indulge/ get involved in their favorite hobbies, i.e. fashion, shopping and socializing at the same time indulging in luxury and sophistication atmosphere. so if you have never been at any F.H.T think about that and picture what your missing while sitting at home watching teen republic or I.E.B.C proceeding or whatever
This new years Fashion High Tea will be happening on the 9th of February 2013. The classy fashion profile event brings together fashion enthusiasts as i earlier said and key players in the industry together in a VIP setup.

11 Jan 2013


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Say Kenya and images of beautiful landscapes and wildlife immediately jump into mind in quick succession, Say Italy and fashion and maestros images invade you! It is therefore no surprise that Tujipambe the upcoming online fashion merchandiser is marrying these two. This will be Tujipambe’s annual event which will introduce its new collection.
Tujipambe is the epitome of where fashion meets style with class and elegance, boasting fashion selections for women from the curve to the zero. The show will be an extravaganza of high fashion coupled with live music. Italian, award winning jazz maestro Enrico Crivellaro and his band of Pietro Taucher on the Hammond organ B3, Simone Serafini on the bass, Carmine Bloisi on the drum and will be joined by powerful