29 Dec 2011


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Hi Everyone!How are you doing? I have missed u guys, I don't know how I am ever going to quit blogging because whenever I haven't blogged in a while, I feel so guilty!! *puppy eyes*
So what have you been up to??? The last couple of weeks have been really eventful for me but in a good way, I have been making progress with a couple of projects that I am working on be it in or outside the office so I'm grateful! Anyways, there is sooo much that I want to blog about I'll just have to take it day by day since my writing skills are back Thank God......

27 Dec 2011


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Hi lovely people of God/Allah! how have you been this week sexiest followers and readers by the way You know you are on to something when your first thoughts are, …”OMG! I have to have that dress/PANTS,SHOES,OR SUIT!!!” I stumbled upon H&M's spring/summer collection during my usual rounds at some fashion website which sadly i cant remember the name nKt!! and was smitten by the stunning A- line 4 ply maxi clothes. I think they cut to the chase; minimalistic and feminine ( if your a lady) and masculine (if your a gentleman). I love the cuts with bits of skin peeking which keeps the dress sexy but still very elegant for the ladies I MUST SAY

26 Dec 2011


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HEEEYYYYY!! Everyone, How is it going? Thanks to everyone that left their suggestions and feedback on CHULALA FASHIONS in the last post. Its much appreciated! How was your week though? My week has been crazy so far. Numerous meetings, traveling, hours spent in traffic plus I have a cold and its in the last week of December. Not fun. Anyway, as always, I like to focus on the sunny side of things so I feel happy and blessed.
I tell people that you cannot be sensitive or lack self-confidence if your from Kenya. Many people are very comfortable with giving you unsolicited opinions and advice. how do you handle it? I need some tips.....

25 Dec 2011


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Haallloooooooo!!!! fashion-ed people today I'll quickly write that my week started off very busy, work plus the gym which im back at to get that "the situations Body" ( jersey shore ) and then I have a new gym recruit, my friend who moved from his gym to mine because he needs the motivation so I have been trying to increase my work outs so he can join in with me at a great momentum and so far so good! For the last two days I have been having this silly dull ache in my leg, arms and shoulder which is quite annoying as it doesn't hurt really but it's there! NkT! Then today I got my first blisters ever! i mean ever ever in my life ever since i was born and no im not a SISSY *i can hear y'all shouting that*

23 Dec 2011

MEN ROCKING PINK????!!!!!! Metrosexual, Gay or Just as Any Other Color?

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Hallo awesome people or fashion freaks!! he-he!! hows your last week to 31st of December coming along? anyhu I’m not sure where to start…because this blog has formed such a huge part of my life that i must admit over the past 3+ months From job to job, From city to city, From makeup to breakup. You guys have been there with me on CHULALA FASHIONS Thank you soooo much!!! From all the comments to the advice to the insults  and discrimination lol!!…Its been amazing!!! now come close everyone *HUGE GROUP HUG*
I have started a new chapter in the CHUALALA FASHIONS story and its sadly enough still under construction I really hope

22 Dec 2011


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Hey guys, so today I dug out one of my "Zuby Numbers", remember my post about my tailor in Nigeria?? , Well if you dont dont worry ill be reviewing it again soon, the outfit is one of the numerous things Zuby has made for me... A couple of years ago, I discovered this Ankara store in Lagos called "DA Viva", it stocks really pretty and vibrant Ankara fabrics... On my first visit it felt like I was in a candy/shush/weed store, it was sooo hard to choose... I went back with my mama (huge Ankara/adire lover), I knew she'd love it too and I was sooo right... This fabric is one of the ones I copped from DA Viva and it wasn't long before it made its way to Zuby's shop.

20 Dec 2011


 HEYY!! People of God hope ya'l are having a great day today and everything is turning out to go your way anyhu back to why im writing this post

19 Dec 2011


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I miss you
I don't know why
I just do
Not just your smile
or your kiss
or those hands that gently,
touch my soul
I miss your heart
your flesh

18 Dec 2011


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Come check-out the fashion of the awesome pictures... enjoy and feel free to comment or follow,

                                            our-style Kenya

15 Dec 2011


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Hey lovely people of this world hows your festive December season coming along? For me well its just there no biggie anyhow back to fashion matters Oops! Sorry today im not talking or posting about fashion but just poetry about my new found HATER who make me famous...,
You talk the good talk
You tell what you know,
You think that you have all of the

11 Dec 2011


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Heeeey!! loveely Is it really okay for young children to be models?
Should a five-year-old girl walk down the catwalk in a bikini?
Of course they are cute, and sure they have fun.
At leas we think so.But do they really have fun, or is it just their parents who try to fullfill their own failed dreams, by putting their kids on runways and beauty contests?

Is it the right thing to to to teach young children that its all about how you look?
Should kids have make up?

5 Dec 2011


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Hallo lovelly fashion-ed people I also want to tell you guys that as tired as I am (mentally!!), I have been meaning to update my blog with some issues that have been bothering me about the world and people in general, but because I do not want to do it hurriedly I will take my time. I do want to thank you guys who have been commenting faithfully on my blog I love reading your comments, and it makes me happy to know we have similar goals, and a similar drive in our everyday lives. However
mundane everyday activities and mantras maybe we should write about them ,

28 Nov 2011


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Heyyy!!! my people so This morning on twitter, a dumb twerp called ass liker(@Thighsmeller) out of the blue just called me a man-hoe because some friend of his told him that i kinda shagged his girlfriend and sister to and that im known all over the town of my ill behaviors which i so never knew off until he told me that my God!!.  Actually, he misspelled it and wrote “man houre”.   Aside from his inability to spell, the idiot thought he was offending me and may have been surprised as I went on to engage him on his ignorance. It was very clear that he did not know what the word means and was using the word just like some people use the word ‘nigger’ to denigrate black folks. how SADD!! NKT!!

24 Nov 2011

L.D.A COLLECTION- Lanre Dasilva Ajayi

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Hello/ hey my loyal site readers and followers did i mention that i love you all?? if not I LOVE YOU come here *group hug*, so maybe you may have noticed i’ve been some what/how quiet of late for the last 4 days (Well i was off getting treated i was infected by the dangerous disease MALARIA ;-( I think that excuses me ). by the way I’m planning some changes to how the site will be running so i will be asking a couple of you questions then pimp my site to perfection Dang!!! cant wait anyhu back to FASHION matters now.....
I really don't wanna bore yah!!...

20 Nov 2011


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Hey lovely people of CHULALA FASHIONS So I left London on Friday morning feeling physically refreshed but there were still some cobwebs in my head. Did I tell you about someone called Liz? Of course I did and many of you weren't too pleased. Anyway, newsflash: she was more than a passing cloud! I'd been thinking a lot about her that's why we agreed with George (my best pal ever since we got caught stealing fried chicken at some party) that we take some time apart. Let me tell you nowhere like 39000 feet up in the privacy of a Club World pod to collect one's thoughts. But by the time BA 0065 landed in Lagos Nigeria I was still not clear in my mind what I wanted to do or who I wanted to be with.

17 Nov 2011


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Helluurrr! *madea'a voice* chulala people! ( or anyone that keeps on/still checks my blog only to find nothing or something  new everyday!!! i still appreciate non the less THANKS) So I just had a nice quiet afternoon doing the things I love to do, write poems , read blogs , drink, flirt, hit on chicks too he-he!1 and about to go for sheesha :-) I met a very beautiful nice light skinned girl on the weekend (m Nicki Minaj if you like)  it was nice and simple how i vibed here as always *evil laugh* i was just off the parking lot with my lovely crazy friends  headed for the club/ lounge and there she was with her pals to smoking cigars and looking lovely with the perfect body  .

15 Nov 2011

Interview with IQUIRA KENYA

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Hey lovely people of God :-) The main reason as to why i wanted to share this interview is to introduce to you probably a new yet determined beautiful lady with the passion of making jewellery designer and inspiring clothing designer Wangari Kairuki who is a very new upcoming good friend of CHULALA FASHION"S now he-he!!!
Her fashion blog, IQUIRA KENYA, is a journal that includes: her inspiration; her jewelry  sneak-peeks and
post-shoot results and;
more. Aside from an entertaining and stylish
blog, with recognition far and wide,

12 Nov 2011


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Hey lovelies im back again today kinda not so happy coz i planned that this month i was to post 5 post daily caring less if they were many or whatever coz i was itching to write new good stuff without pulling back like the past months but now that's over starting today believe that anyhu back to bizness... FASHION

This season, fashion isn’t only about wearing stuff from your own closet * HELL NUHH/NADAA *

8 Nov 2011

America’s Next Top Model finalist Aminat Ayinde

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Hello my lovely bloggers of all time and new ones of this new time??? well its a new week again and its so moving slowly ARGH!!! i cant wait for December to reach fast coz i planning to change my whole wardrobe by then and start a new trend which i cant wait of  anyhu back to FASHION matters this evening.....
After a well received showing at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Spring 2012 ARISE Made in Africa show in New York, Nigeria’s Lanre DaSilva-Ajayi has unveiled the look-book for the collection.
Aminat Ayinde, the stunning model from Cycle 12 of America’s Next Top Model is the

5 Nov 2011

FASHION- Afro Chique

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Hello my lovely blogger's so im back this month i don't want to brag but this i must say im back with a BANG!! yes! i have said it BANG *Again* he-he im here to make you usual,new,and pass by readers glued to my fashion Blog A.S.A.P... Anyhu back to FAshion Matters at hand ( always wanted to put that at hand in  as sentence and today I've managed Hureee!! lol!.....
Afro-Chique just as the name sounds Afro-Chique is a ready to
wear women’s clothing brand that combines the cultural identity of African prints with the stylish influence of contemporary London. The designer Janice Morrison creates a collection with close attention to detail, resulting in bold, well-defined feminine designs.

3 Nov 2011


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I am so sorry that I have been away for a while now ( actually coming to think of it i'm  not sorry coz blogging has to be fun not an assignment ) - life took a long and winding turn down many dark and dismal roads, but what goes down must come up - so here I am again! *SCREAMING*
We have just returned from a much needed rest in Italy, me and my big sister well it was a rest for me and part business for my sister! I wanted to share my findings with you:
Our first impressions of Italy are that it is the Italian version of Disneyland, without the rides.
In Italian land, the first thing that strikes you is the cleanliness.

28 Oct 2011


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Hellur!!! lovely bloggers this after-noon so of late, I have been involved in an email/ text name it all exchange with this lady who thinks im Brad Pitt to her all sexy and handsome.  Although, she is sure that her husband kinda suspects her that she is obsessed with me the young boy from the next door, It is pretty obvious that her husband is gay or cheating on her to coz he doesn't bother that much to investigate if we're even shagging and shit!! ( Goey Greco is alive Bitch nigger look for him and let him do his thing ) . She seems to
think to herself that both men are jealous but shock on her coz the husband is in love of other husbands hah aha!!

11 Oct 2011


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So today i'm so sad kinda having one of those boring days when you u just look at everything differently and it just makes you unhappy. *sad face* when the shower is too cold because the heater has refused or acting up... when the coffee is too sugary or sour...
when the sun is shining too bright and burning into your scalp.... When the music in the lift/elevator is playing too loudly....when the weather feels so polluted and disgustingly congested....When everyone who passes you has to shove you or smell very weirdly...
Today I sob inside. I look at my past and where am from.
And it's been a journey.gosh A JOURNEY

8 Oct 2011


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Greetings thy people *game of throne* Smile...smile....blush i know you wanna! :) I
had missed you guys! even if it was just for 19hrs *dnt care* Come
here....hurdle up boys and girls ....
>>group hug<<

So back to bizzniesss celebrities rockin African Print yes i have said it AFRICAN (ZULU,KUMABONGO,aweh/awe,Chwee chweereekeys *african accent* (hehe....just had to put that there)

FASHION - HIJAB ( islam )

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Heyy!!! children of God *alwys wntd to say that* hahaha!!! anyhu i know after most of you have read the post title being islam ya'll be thinking Osama is Back &%*#2


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I know i haven't blogged in a while actualy just in 3days {o.O} but
that's because am doing a crazy shift at
work Of late ARGH!!! *pulln' my eyelashes out of anger*, but hey dont give me that explain yourself look because i might just endup stabing you with a blunt carrot or shave your head while your dead asleep which ever will cross my mind as funny *evil mojo jojo ( powerpuff girls ) laugh* anyhuuu.....
African fashion,spring is almost here,
which reminds me of how much fun it
is to just slip on a chino pant, put on a pair of
sandals and leave the house. Casual
Men chino pants look are great because they


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Most people can talk about the craftsmanship of Giorgio Armani’s suits or the classic tailoring of Calvin Klein. But, ask them to name a Black male designer and some people can’t come up with one except for urban hip hop labels likeRocawear or Sean John. From 2007 up until he was recently fired, black designer Patrick Robinson was The Gap’s Executive Vice President of Design. One Black man who has received numerous accolades is Sean ‘P.Diddy’ Combs for his non-urban Sean John men’s collections. Some would argue he’s not a real designer but a celebrity using his name to push a label. Can you name one?
In men’s fashion, one of the most respected Black designers is Ozwald Boateng.

6 Oct 2011


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HELLO people of God!! :) so i'v come to a conclusion that Each week starting tomorow CHULALA FASHIONS will feature a post authored by a any guest. I like this idea because it'l encourage creativity and inspiration among ourselves but more importantly will open up CHULALA FASHIONS into a more interactive community between bloggers, Of course all content will be edited by yours truly 'me' to ensure the site’s values are upheld..
If you would like to be a featured guest blogger, please contact C.F with your ideas and suggestions.

3 Oct 2011


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Hey hows everyone today?? Me im just there holding up so bored as phurk anyhu so if come to a conclusion that after a couple of fashion posts il'b writing posts on tips about basic
house hold items that can help both sexes but mostly me Ladiez
and also save you some cash.
So today its all about that white powderd stuff and no its not Coc/heroine/or some other cheap drugs out there *sorry to burst your bubble* but its waiiitt for it ........... Here it comes taaaraaaaaa >>> BAKING POWDER. not CAKE SOAP (vybz kartels bleaching soap)Nop!!!
I was doing
some reading on some beauty blog and.....

Arabian Nights, every Wednesday @ Cafe Habibi

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Hellloooo people ..today im kinda out of something to post so im just going to tell you about this new cafe in nairobi's westlands area called cafe Habibi


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NFM ( nairobi fashion martket) was established in 2010 to promote Nairobi’s fashion retail
industry, to provide a platform for
product launches and information and
to make all this accessible the majority
of working Kenyans.
The first event in November 2011 was
widely acclaimed in the media, the
retailers, the designers, the shoppers
and visitors and by the entertainers.


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Kenyan Designer John Kaveke showcased during the London Fashion week 2011 at the Luxurious Charing Cross Hotel. We loved the colours and the diversity of the men’s collection he showcased at the LFW 2011.The leso espadrilles added a funky and creative style to the men’s wear.A pair of this in your closet just adds the effortlessly stylish feel in everything you pair them up with.check up his website for more www.kaveke.com tel. We loved the colors and the diversity of the men’s collection he showcased at the LFW 2011.The leso espadrilles added a funky and creative style to the men’s wear.A pair of this in your closet just adds the effortlessly stylish feel in everything you pair them up with.check up his website for more www.kaveke.com


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Heeeelllllluuuuuuuuuuurrrrrr *Madea’s
voice* ….whooosah!! my beautiful and handsome readers so
today im doing a little away from the runaway and fashion clothes to now.
something I know will definitely
catch your attention *females/lads/chix/women* as we take a
breather from the fashion week.
Jewelry of whatever kind is something
women adore,and make us men do anything just to buy them what they want be it silver,gold,rocks,birth stones(yeahh my girlfriend


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Good afternoon beautiful and fashioned sense people *hope you are BDW*!!Am currently listening to some mard Dance-hall today. Blaring in my Beats by Dre headphones Hahaha and im even not bragging that i have them, by the way. Anyhu Some guy just said "aey!yuh gal inna di pumpum short butt-length skirt.....dat affi make me haffi stare till a Blod (blood) vessel haffi go burst!" wah! Jamaicans are just the ISHHHT!!! i tell yuh anad that's why they cant miss in my playlist!!
anhyhuuuu back to SERIOUS MATTERS now........
Miss Priscilla Okwaro obviously a Kenyan where im happy to be from even if im in the u.k now *sad*,anyhu

29 Sep 2011

Fashion - Amira Bits The Haters Vision Collection by Achie Otigo

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Her name is Achie Otigo,a fellow designer and also a good friend.Her latest collection of jewelery is just to die for,i heart every piece in this collection.
She has put together statement pieces using bamboo,beads and also sequins.;The prices are relatively good and affordable, rings going for kshs1,500 and earings 1,800....so no excuse for not getting yourself a pair or two.I applaud her for her talent,she is very creative, not only in jewelry but also clutch bags.I bet its time we started supporting our own by investing in this master pieces....For more info on how to BUY them, mail her on achieotigo@gmail.com


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Heeeerrrrrrroooooooo!!! *Chinese accent* :) how is everyone
doing this fab Thursday afternoon??
Ye up....look who's back!! > >spot lights n camera flashlyts on me<<
I have been battling with a slight fever since Friday. I was boilingup so hard on Friday it felt like my ballz were going to blow out my +@& *oh!Jesus* :) so I didn't want the lame fever to get the best of me, so decided to go smoke *screaming* sheesha/shisha and drink with close friends at the VILLAGE MARKET.
On Saturday, though I was down again no body function nkt! and felt sick, I attended some fashion culture event in yaya center,

SHOES- Heel The World (The Gentleman's Shoe)

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Heel The World  is more than a shoe company-A luxury, bespoke shoe line that aims at rewarding talent of the underprivileged Ghanaian Shoemakers. The shoes are designed,bespoke and handcrafted in Ghana by the most top-notch Italian leathers.They have chosen shoes over clothes, artifacts etc... to prove that Ghanaian craftsmen could compete and even surpass European standards if better equipped and funded. For every shoe you buy , HTW empower and African start-up because of there belief in people who are changing the world

22 Sep 2011


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So at times we would like to think that after hitting
“publish post ” on a new post that the sea's
will part, angels will sing on top of there cherry voices and Moses
will lead followers straight into the post and start commenting /customers straight into our
shopping carts *if you own a product blog*. But that’s obviously not
going to happen that fast.
One thing with blogging that i've come to learn is that it needs time investment and energy in-that you constantly have to be publishing your original content and good stuff to,for you to please your followers.......
Anyhu i know most of you reading this post must be like whats this douche' bag talking about *angry face* so i'l sadly enough stop with the blog talk and go on and tell u what happend recently...

LOOKbook - for the sunny days

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please don't underestimate how strong the sun is in the UK if your here to,but if your in africa dang!!! dont waste anytime start sun screening this very moment hahaaha!!! just joking Africa is a very cool and elegant place for your Vacy, If you are planning a summer holiday don't let the sun ruin your holiday or health.I am definitely a very sensible sun worshiper these days, and you should be too if you are planning a summer holiday. You may love the outdoors but the sun is harsh to your skin. Wrinkles and age spots are the least of it. The sun can aggravate medical conditions, interfere with prescriptive drugs, and cause skin cancer. Obviously, staying inside is the best way to protect yourself from the sun's harmful rays but not very realistic. Minimize your exposure and still enjoy the outdoors by avoiding the sun between the hours of 10 and 3p.m. when the sun's ultraviolet rays are the strongest.

THY/THOU/THEE Fashion Trend

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Hello my beautifull people so Today just happens to be the most beautiful day that I have ever seen. The sun is shinning so bright, the birds are out and about singing. I’m just laying down in the field, looking up at the sky, thinking how today could get any better but somehow its boring to me wonder why but thats coz maybe yester-night i spent the whole night playing the new mission play station 3 CD i bought which consumed all of my precious night time now iv woken up with black eyes NkT! so not pleasing i tell you...
anyhu LEGOOO...
Finding inspiration to write about fall/winter trends has certainly become much easier recently. While the calendar may well say it’s still summer, the view out of my window tells a rather different story. With menacing grey clouds looming above and a wind that you would be hard pressed to describe as a gentle breeze, it’s safe to say that the segue away from summer is truly under way.

21 Sep 2011


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 Hi world !!!CHULALA FASHIONS is getting more member's all the time and I'm so happy and pleased to tell you welcome on board to this fashion plane, The fashion plane will take you on a trip all over the earth to discover fashion and trends from every corner of our lovely planet ..
anyhu enough with my yapping now back to important matters so.....
am not one of those dudes for boasting…but I was kinda looking through pictures from a party I went to recently and thought, damn I have styling douche' friends (I also thought, why am I the only one who couldn’t stop flirting with some lame chicks in the party and some of the best pics taken…but another subject for another time).

19 Sep 2011

THE MAN CODE (cap 406)

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Good morning/evening thy fellow readers n blogger z so its now time for men to read and master thou CODE....
The Man Code
In The Man Code, “Men will know how to put up a protective wall that not only makes us SEEM like we don’t care, but can actually make us BELIEVE that we don’t care — unless that wall is broken down by the few people who can. Typically, those people are women we love and cherish: our moms, our sisters, and our girlfriends  — definitely not all girls this i must make clear, but certainly the ones who matter and make us feel safe enough to let go and be real.”
This is it. So it has been written, and so
it shall be enacted ..................


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Happiness is spent never well enough
Glory comes next his intentions are
Pain sets in with a chance its blow
Misery is near by enjoying the show
Fate comes in and announces whose up Insanity creeps in and turns me corrupt
Confusion follows his goals are clear
Destiny comes in and shows whats near
Jealousy stands now his thoughts so

14 Sep 2011


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The Anticipation gets bigger as the
begins. This coming week on the 21st of September at the Alliance Françaises NAIROBI.
African Fashion
International launches another event though the last times one was gud but the organizers have promised that they'll make this 1 even 5times bigger and great as they also discuss the
Future of Forward Fashion in Kenya thanks to JOHN KAVEKES HELP 'the well known Kenyan fashion designer abroad'.


marvin saidi | 05:32 | 1 Comment so far

Before i cough any word my fellow bloggers or readers i must say first that "fashion is what you given four time a year but style is what you choose out of the fashion" and my advice to you people is find what works best with you and try to understand how to work with it or under it my fashion followers.in my own words i dont see the use of seeing you friend all dressed up and looking good then you of all people going to shop for the exact outfit you saw them with now that would be pure shaddyness to me TRUST me i would even loose respect for you..
To me anything you have in your closet is the best piece that most of your friends dream or would kill to have but for you ohh!!!!NOOOO u look down on yourself..

3 Sep 2011


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It has never been a man thing to have on bright colored outfits but in the recent past men have being defying the norm and trying out some color. For me personally i believe it is some thing that we men should try out but with limits because not any color works for everybody.  first you should be very keen on the color coordination and two the type of out fit.
t's that dreaded look on people's faces. Don't you hate that? So what if you wanted to wear your favorite top with a pair of pants that didn't go together?


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So The long awaited second edition of the Runway254 went down at the new venue which was the Six-eighty hotel in the city center. Which i would say was taken a notch higher with the organizers and everybody in that was involved. The designers that show cased didn't disappoint either and i think if runway254 continues to give up and coming designers a chance to show case their talent the fashion industry in Kenya will be heading in the right direction and more people will be able to buy designs from home grown designers.


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Morning my FOLLOWERS :
So im viewed as this fashion geek by everyone who knows me because i don't just dress but i dress to impress living with me you'd think that im a Homo coz i take nearly an hour and a half  trying every cloth in my closet depending with where im going that day,at fist my girlfriend not actually my Girlfriend coz i don't do relationships but ill call her my close friend Just not to be *rude*
Anyhow Dressing up for work on Mondays has been a routine thing for most guys and it has usally been a shirt, pants and black shoes or for most of guys its suits.


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Morning Guyz so this weekend is here and its tym to dress down.  this weekend in looking forward to rocking more accessories, as you will notice the looks below involve more accessories and i think guyz should try having a little accessories but dont over do it coz it might backfire one you so start simple..
oh! by the way I.O.N(in other news)
today saturday the 3rd is EARH DANCE the full trance,electro festival movement in nairobi which my cousin has been preaching day in day out for me for the past 2 months ago before i came back to kenya so today is the day i get to go for it and get wasted and have fun to the fullest with

29 Aug 2011

NAIROBIZ - Club Scene

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 If your new in Nairobi and want to know how the club system works well search no further any more coz me Sir Chulala im here to educate you on how the

Tuesday - Karaoke Night with Angela Angwenyi
Wednesday - Techno Night with DJ Edu
Thursday - Kitarock live band music. starts from 9.pm
Friday & Saturday - DJ Leo all night long
Sunday - the Calabash Band

28 Aug 2011


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So its On Friday 7th July 2011 the always wearing a hat on the head Shaffie
proposed to girlfriend Joan at an
intimate ceremony at Mercury Lounge 'a very nice lounge',
The last time l checked
Shaffie was
married to TATTU female group member and kiss radio presenter Debra Asila and later on
they broke up coz rumour has it that the douche used to bring other chix in the house and shagg 'em while ASILA was in the other room 'now thats sum shieet ryt thea'. and to add more March 31st 2011 rumor
had it that


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Who doesn't like facebook? Everyone
does, me included. My I-pad has
beared all the brunt of facebook, only if
it could speak! Since they keep changing the format,
more and more of people's private life
is being exposed and showing every time on
my homepage like i care . I have being seeing
many of those "X is no longer listed in a
relationship" or "Y is now single" or "K
is now in a complicated relationship" updates in the last couple of weeks-dayz! The shocker is the rate at which people


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Nancie Mwai is a young woman who's
out to revolutionize Kenya's fashion
industry. Her fashion blog, The Fashion Notebook, is a journal that includes: her inspiration; on-shoot sneak-peeks and
post-shoot results; DIY tips and; much
more. Aside from an entertaining and stylish
blog, with recognition far and wide
(including being featured on the MTV
Style website),

26 Aug 2011


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25 Aug 2011


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Kenyan Fashion label Kooroo was initiated in 2006 by Hebret Lakew and Enid Lanez. They initially worked from home with a loyal clientele both local and expatriates and soon began to expand due to demand for their inspired creations.
Kooroo has been featured in local newspapers and magazines such as the Daily Nation, Business Daily and True Love Magazine.

23 Aug 2011


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Saidi Twalim "chulala' and Travis Gumbs: We Are huge fans of clothing that play a big role within different cultures. About a year ago we saw Gabe Garcia of  The Brooklyn Circus  wearing a really nice vintage guayabera. Not long after, we walked into Prohibit and saw that they had their own guayaberas for sale. A summer later and the guayabera is one of our favorites for staying stylish in this London heat.
The guayabera holds  quite an interesting background. Though its exact origin has not been factually pinpointed, it is understood to have derived from either Cuba or Mexico thogh not my favourite country of fashion like Italia.