29 Aug 2011

NAIROBIZ - Club Scene

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 If your new in Nairobi and want to know how the club system works well search no further any more coz me Sir Chulala im here to educate you on how the

Tuesday - Karaoke Night with Angela Angwenyi
Wednesday - Techno Night with DJ Edu
Thursday - Kitarock live band music. starts from 9.pm
Friday & Saturday - DJ Leo all night long
Sunday - the Calabash Band

28 Aug 2011


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So its On Friday 7th July 2011 the always wearing a hat on the head Shaffie
proposed to girlfriend Joan at an
intimate ceremony at Mercury Lounge 'a very nice lounge',
The last time l checked
Shaffie was
married to TATTU female group member and kiss radio presenter Debra Asila and later on
they broke up coz rumour has it that the douche used to bring other chix in the house and shagg 'em while ASILA was in the other room 'now thats sum shieet ryt thea'. and to add more March 31st 2011 rumor
had it that


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Who doesn't like facebook? Everyone
does, me included. My I-pad has
beared all the brunt of facebook, only if
it could speak! Since they keep changing the format,
more and more of people's private life
is being exposed and showing every time on
my homepage like i care . I have being seeing
many of those "X is no longer listed in a
relationship" or "Y is now single" or "K
is now in a complicated relationship" updates in the last couple of weeks-dayz! The shocker is the rate at which people


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Nancie Mwai is a young woman who's
out to revolutionize Kenya's fashion
industry. Her fashion blog, The Fashion Notebook, is a journal that includes: her inspiration; on-shoot sneak-peeks and
post-shoot results; DIY tips and; much
more. Aside from an entertaining and stylish
blog, with recognition far and wide
(including being featured on the MTV
Style website),

26 Aug 2011


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25 Aug 2011


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Kenyan Fashion label Kooroo was initiated in 2006 by Hebret Lakew and Enid Lanez. They initially worked from home with a loyal clientele both local and expatriates and soon began to expand due to demand for their inspired creations.
Kooroo has been featured in local newspapers and magazines such as the Daily Nation, Business Daily and True Love Magazine.

23 Aug 2011


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Saidi Twalim "chulala' and Travis Gumbs: We Are huge fans of clothing that play a big role within different cultures. About a year ago we saw Gabe Garcia of  The Brooklyn Circus  wearing a really nice vintage guayabera. Not long after, we walked into Prohibit and saw that they had their own guayaberas for sale. A summer later and the guayabera is one of our favorites for staying stylish in this London heat.
The guayabera holds  quite an interesting background. Though its exact origin has not been factually pinpointed, it is understood to have derived from either Cuba or Mexico thogh not my favourite country of fashion like Italia.