28 Aug 2012


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Its kinda difficult to be a male fashion & style blogger, Don't get me wrong, we Kenyans men are stylish; but we live in an uber-conservative environment where men are meant to be naturally stylish, but not speak about our interests in fashion and grooming as it is seen to be effeminate. Our interests should naturally be in football, women etc so that's how our old men kinda thought or view us men to be.
Anyway, back to matters of the heart, Body and soul FASHION-ED

20 Aug 2012

New Collection: by Eskado Bird SS2012 WYF? (What’s Your Freedom) , (Tanzania, London based)

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Hey hombres, how was/is your Monday  so far? For me its actually kinda nice coz its a holiday in my country Kenya (Eid Mubarak Holiday for my fellow Muslim bros and sisters), I love being a fashionisto, coz  there are totally NO RULES per-say , and i mean NONE! personaly i think that dressing up is an Art that many people take for granted and some lack. We wear what, when and how we want!! anytime we want it, Some might think your outfit looks like a HOT MESS, but someone of us who actually understand FASHION and where your coming from Fashion wise will definitely ..................

15 Aug 2012

SHOES:- Mens Dress Shoes by (goodbye folk)

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 Hey Everyone!!!! Hows your Wednesday?  this week  I won’t lie, my week is already hectic and long! Lots and lots of work...Seriously, Thank God its Wednesday tho'! Its time for some chulala fashions mid-week luv....You know you are on to something when your first thoughts are, … ”OMG! I have to have that shoe!!!” I stumbled upon good bye folk shoes during my usual rounds at Bristol and was smitten by these stunning mens flat shoes actually the owner told me they are unisex :(. I think they cut to the chase.  
have a look and tell me what you think about them

11 Aug 2012

Fall/Winter 2012 Collection :- 'Xutra' Christie Brown Ghana

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Hey everyone. sorry I've been M.I.A. its been a busy busy couple of months ; work, fashion, more fashion and now traveling here and there and of-course raving. So instead of giving excuses, I've decided to keep you in the loop with photos of where i am and what I've been up to, or at least try to this whole week. keep it Chulala Fashions
Right now I'm back in my home town Nairobi with my gorgeous styling partners; who are also designers, its been an amazing couple of days. I'm here working on my new collections and stuff yet to premire very soon out in

10 Aug 2012

AFRICAN PRINTS:- Nelson Mandela's Brand 46664

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SO I've fallen dangerously in love with 12 different ladies, yep you heard me right 12 different ladies, but before you call me a slut/man hoe whatever, i mean musically. Here are the 12 ladies that made music in 2012 extra special (With a song i love from each of em, LISTEN and fall in love :-)  but before i tell you more about my 12 ladies today I'm yet to tell you about the South African brand by the name of Nelson Mandela
Nelson Mandela, former prisoner, freedom-fighter and President of South Africa, started his own fashion label 46664, which is also the name of his N.G.O. The name is a combination of his prison number and the year he was incarcerated, yeaaah! Buddy!

9 Aug 2012

Exclusive Interview With :- Emo Rugune the new Face of the Fashion World

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No runway is complete without the models that give real life to the beautiful designs and outfits by the awesome designers. African models continue to set a standard on international runways and set the pace for other models to follow *Tru dat*.  From his amazing personality, graceful and unique walk, Emo Rugune is yet to become the favorite of many in the fashion industry in Nairobi and soon the diaspora. He has walked for top designers such as in country so far e.g Nick e.t.c. He has also graced the covers of top media publications.
Besides the fashion shows and the glam connected to them, Emo shows his other side by giving back to his community at the Ogwellah Foundation.  Talk about a model with a difference.

6 Aug 2012

COMING SOON THIS WEEK:- Exclusive Interview With :- Designer Nick Ondu the talk of town ANKARA VINTAGE

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Hello fashion lovers?? hope your new Month/ week is great so far so good and your giving thanks to the almighty god/Allah for waking  you up anyhu today its all about Africa and its newest faces in fashion, Modeling, designers e.t.c so sit baaaackk *inserts Jeff Koinages Voice* and relax as i inform you day by day about the different faces in Africa, East Africa e.t.c.
..Like the saying goes, fashion passes but style remains. Kenyan ladies (and gents) have always been fashionable but today, fashion in Kenya is increasingly becoming a fore-front for our culture and the country and this in turn spells out style.