30 Apr 2012

Recap - 2012 London Fashion Week

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Olla my Hombre's?? How have you been of late this new and the past week??? i know, i know i haven't been posting/blogging of for the past week but its coz i have been  up busy working on my new side job which is a fashion editor for a anew magazine in Rwanda i must say it has been fun coz trhey have been paying for my flights to and fro so I'm not  complaining much. so some Ninja bdw asks me  What do you regret doing this week? which I'm forwarding to you my readers to tell me about your week regrets for me....
Its Spending too much money, what I regret most weeks  

18 Apr 2012

PARIS FASHION:- Afro - Bikinis by Adama Paris SwimWear range

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Hey! Hey FASHION-ED lovers It is again almost that time of year: we talking beach! Beach! beach! *if your ready fi di summer lets go* hold your horses now boys and girls, I might admit I am early and that it's only April. But in my defense it is never too early to go shopping and get your swimwear/suit all together. By the time Summer rolls around the best items are usually gone or no longer available in some peoples size or they are but but somehow expensive don't wait for this to happen Ladies. 
Afro designer Adama Paris has created diverse swim wear that should appeal to all kind of body types: "I wanted to create something that would appeal to different women and make them feel womanly and sexy too.”

17 Apr 2012

PRINTS :- African Prints by Kenyan Label Kooroo Designs

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Hello my awesome readers i told you that i'm back with a bang!! *gun shots in the air* and i will not back down again since i have switched my internet service provider coz the other one sucked Ass it made me once get to the point of breaking my lovely expensive Apple laptop *yes i have said it i own a Apple laptop the latest model* he-he!!  Anyhu back to matters of the Heart, Body and Soul FASHION-ED this day i'm taking you back to my home country Kenya (Africa) where after a long wait Finally, KOOROO DESIGNS is back with some interesting pieces in their new .........

16 Apr 2012

"A Man's Story" New Film on Ozwald Boateng

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Olla me Hombres how are you doing this week/day?? hope y'all are good and kicking like of-course yours truly me CHULALA A movie about Ozwald Boateng, THE British designer of Ghanaian heritage,*hureeee Africa*  hitted cinemas in the UK on the 9th of March. "A Man's Story", so is the title of the movie,
Ozwald Boateng is well known and admired for his innovative, and luxurious menswear as well as the vibrant colors of his designs.*bdw so u know i got me some of his awesome designs*  Whenever I used/got to see his collections I got so jealous of all the men who get to wear his sophisticated designs before me but now HUUUH!! *doing the boootay dance i am also Rocking them*. bdw i have been so thinking Why hasn't the Queen made him a SIR yet? It's long overdue

15 Apr 2012

J’adore | Stella Jean’s spring/summer 2012 collection

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Hello my Fashionistas/fashionistos hope your day is wonderful like mine today,I am absolutely feeling Stella Jean‘s   2012 collection. The Italian-Haitian designer has used African wax block print fabrics and has blended the traditional and the contemporary, the Caribbean and the West to create a vibrant collection full of classic, tailored shapes.
The African wax block print fabrics lend a majesty to the collection while the stripes and chambray give the pieces a preppy feel.

12 Apr 2012

summer collection:- Loud Culture S/S 2012 Collection 2

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Hey Hombrez hope your day is good anyhu today i'm not going to talk much as i normally do *sad* coz of my internet has been acting up of late God i was so close from breaking my laptop..
anyhow today's post is all about Loud Culture collection 2 coz i already did collection one sometime this week

11 Apr 2012

Spring/summer collection:- Loud Culture S/S 2012 Collection

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Olla my Hombres!! how is your week after Easter?? for me Awesome to the core i so cant even explain what i did in one post so that will be all summarized tomorrow if my internet wont be slow as today.. anyhu back to matters of the Heart, Body and Soul FASHION-Ed..  Today im yet to tell/inform you about Young aspiring designers, Abi Fashesin and Ashley- Rae Tapping are two ladies with a passion for fashion and a strong desire to fulfil their dreams.

10 Apr 2012


Hello lovers and of-course haters if they by any chance come through this site sometime i still appreciate all in all coz I'm cool like that *s.m.h* anyhu back to matters of the Heart, Body, Soul FASHION-ED  so, Last Friday on  4th of April, all roads led To the Micheal Joseph center For The long Anticipated FASHION CAFE. which Was A networking event for the Fashion forward and Trendsetters of Kenya as a whole