10 Oct 2014


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First of all I would like to say hi and thanks for reading my blog. I started this blog without any idea
what I'm doing or what im meant to do to maintain it so please bear with me here. :) In this post I would like to elaborate a little bit on my description below the title "ALL FASHION,POETRY &BUSINESS IN ONE BLOG", you know the one that says: "Views from a member of the Millennial Generation". I think that being a fashion addict/writer really changes the way I look at things. Our generation I feel is more excepting of things that would have been extremely taboo to past generations.

7 Feb 2014


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Nobody does African inspired print like Stella Jean. I have seen a slew of designers trying to re-invent the print with a modern twist but none have done it quite like Stellar Jean does. The spring/summer 14 collection gets the mix right, fusing classic menswear with statement African inspired print pieces hits the ball right out the park. Stella Jean knows her print, and more importantly how to fuse with other pieces, this collection is a how to wear African print garments tutorial. My favorite picks are definitely the double breasted jacket and the -t shirt and button down hybrid .