28 Nov 2011


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Heyyy!!! my people so This morning on twitter, a dumb twerp called ass liker(@Thighsmeller) out of the blue just called me a man-hoe because some friend of his told him that i kinda shagged his girlfriend and sister to and that im known all over the town of my ill behaviors which i so never knew off until he told me that my God!!.  Actually, he misspelled it and wrote “man houre”.   Aside from his inability to spell, the idiot thought he was offending me and may have been surprised as I went on to engage him on his ignorance. It was very clear that he did not know what the word means and was using the word just like some people use the word ‘nigger’ to denigrate black folks. how SADD!! NKT!!

24 Nov 2011

L.D.A COLLECTION- Lanre Dasilva Ajayi

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Hello/ hey my loyal site readers and followers did i mention that i love you all?? if not I LOVE YOU come here *group hug*, so maybe you may have noticed i’ve been some what/how quiet of late for the last 4 days (Well i was off getting treated i was infected by the dangerous disease MALARIA ;-( I think that excuses me ). by the way I’m planning some changes to how the site will be running so i will be asking a couple of you questions then pimp my site to perfection Dang!!! cant wait anyhu back to FASHION matters now.....
I really don't wanna bore yah!!...

20 Nov 2011


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Hey lovely people of CHULALA FASHIONS So I left London on Friday morning feeling physically refreshed but there were still some cobwebs in my head. Did I tell you about someone called Liz? Of course I did and many of you weren't too pleased. Anyway, newsflash: she was more than a passing cloud! I'd been thinking a lot about her that's why we agreed with George (my best pal ever since we got caught stealing fried chicken at some party) that we take some time apart. Let me tell you nowhere like 39000 feet up in the privacy of a Club World pod to collect one's thoughts. But by the time BA 0065 landed in Lagos Nigeria I was still not clear in my mind what I wanted to do or who I wanted to be with.

17 Nov 2011


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Helluurrr! *madea'a voice* chulala people! ( or anyone that keeps on/still checks my blog only to find nothing or something  new everyday!!! i still appreciate non the less THANKS) So I just had a nice quiet afternoon doing the things I love to do, write poems , read blogs , drink, flirt, hit on chicks too he-he!1 and about to go for sheesha :-) I met a very beautiful nice light skinned girl on the weekend (m Nicki Minaj if you like)  it was nice and simple how i vibed here as always *evil laugh* i was just off the parking lot with my lovely crazy friends  headed for the club/ lounge and there she was with her pals to smoking cigars and looking lovely with the perfect body  .

15 Nov 2011

Interview with IQUIRA KENYA

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Hey lovely people of God :-) The main reason as to why i wanted to share this interview is to introduce to you probably a new yet determined beautiful lady with the passion of making jewellery designer and inspiring clothing designer Wangari Kairuki who is a very new upcoming good friend of CHULALA FASHION"S now he-he!!!
Her fashion blog, IQUIRA KENYA, is a journal that includes: her inspiration; her jewelry  sneak-peeks and
post-shoot results and;
more. Aside from an entertaining and stylish
blog, with recognition far and wide,

12 Nov 2011


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Hey lovelies im back again today kinda not so happy coz i planned that this month i was to post 5 post daily caring less if they were many or whatever coz i was itching to write new good stuff without pulling back like the past months but now that's over starting today believe that anyhu back to bizness... FASHION

This season, fashion isn’t only about wearing stuff from your own closet * HELL NUHH/NADAA *

8 Nov 2011

America’s Next Top Model finalist Aminat Ayinde

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Hello my lovely bloggers of all time and new ones of this new time??? well its a new week again and its so moving slowly ARGH!!! i cant wait for December to reach fast coz i planning to change my whole wardrobe by then and start a new trend which i cant wait of  anyhu back to FASHION matters this evening.....
After a well received showing at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Spring 2012 ARISE Made in Africa show in New York, Nigeria’s Lanre DaSilva-Ajayi has unveiled the look-book for the collection.
Aminat Ayinde, the stunning model from Cycle 12 of America’s Next Top Model is the

5 Nov 2011

FASHION- Afro Chique

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Hello my lovely blogger's so im back this month i don't want to brag but this i must say im back with a BANG!! yes! i have said it BANG *Again* he-he im here to make you usual,new,and pass by readers glued to my fashion Blog A.S.A.P... Anyhu back to FAshion Matters at hand ( always wanted to put that at hand in  as sentence and today I've managed Hureee!! lol!.....
Afro-Chique just as the name sounds Afro-Chique is a ready to
wear women’s clothing brand that combines the cultural identity of African prints with the stylish influence of contemporary London. The designer Janice Morrison creates a collection with close attention to detail, resulting in bold, well-defined feminine designs.

3 Nov 2011


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I am so sorry that I have been away for a while now ( actually coming to think of it i'm  not sorry coz blogging has to be fun not an assignment ) - life took a long and winding turn down many dark and dismal roads, but what goes down must come up - so here I am again! *SCREAMING*
We have just returned from a much needed rest in Italy, me and my big sister well it was a rest for me and part business for my sister! I wanted to share my findings with you:
Our first impressions of Italy are that it is the Italian version of Disneyland, without the rides.
In Italian land, the first thing that strikes you is the cleanliness.