29 Sep 2011

Fashion - Amira Bits The Haters Vision Collection by Achie Otigo

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Her name is Achie Otigo,a fellow designer and also a good friend.Her latest collection of jewelery is just to die for,i heart every piece in this collection.
She has put together statement pieces using bamboo,beads and also sequins.;The prices are relatively good and affordable, rings going for kshs1,500 and earings 1,800....so no excuse for not getting yourself a pair or two.I applaud her for her talent,she is very creative, not only in jewelry but also clutch bags.I bet its time we started supporting our own by investing in this master pieces....For more info on how to BUY them, mail her on achieotigo@gmail.com


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Heeeerrrrrrroooooooo!!! *Chinese accent* :) how is everyone
doing this fab Thursday afternoon??
Ye up....look who's back!! > >spot lights n camera flashlyts on me<<
I have been battling with a slight fever since Friday. I was boilingup so hard on Friday it felt like my ballz were going to blow out my +@& *oh!Jesus* :) so I didn't want the lame fever to get the best of me, so decided to go smoke *screaming* sheesha/shisha and drink with close friends at the VILLAGE MARKET.
On Saturday, though I was down again no body function nkt! and felt sick, I attended some fashion culture event in yaya center,

SHOES- Heel The World (The Gentleman's Shoe)

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Heel The World  is more than a shoe company-A luxury, bespoke shoe line that aims at rewarding talent of the underprivileged Ghanaian Shoemakers. The shoes are designed,bespoke and handcrafted in Ghana by the most top-notch Italian leathers.They have chosen shoes over clothes, artifacts etc... to prove that Ghanaian craftsmen could compete and even surpass European standards if better equipped and funded. For every shoe you buy , HTW empower and African start-up because of there belief in people who are changing the world

22 Sep 2011


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So at times we would like to think that after hitting
“publish post ” on a new post that the sea's
will part, angels will sing on top of there cherry voices and Moses
will lead followers straight into the post and start commenting /customers straight into our
shopping carts *if you own a product blog*. But that’s obviously not
going to happen that fast.
One thing with blogging that i've come to learn is that it needs time investment and energy in-that you constantly have to be publishing your original content and good stuff to,for you to please your followers.......
Anyhu i know most of you reading this post must be like whats this douche' bag talking about *angry face* so i'l sadly enough stop with the blog talk and go on and tell u what happend recently...

LOOKbook - for the sunny days

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please don't underestimate how strong the sun is in the UK if your here to,but if your in africa dang!!! dont waste anytime start sun screening this very moment hahaaha!!! just joking Africa is a very cool and elegant place for your Vacy, If you are planning a summer holiday don't let the sun ruin your holiday or health.I am definitely a very sensible sun worshiper these days, and you should be too if you are planning a summer holiday. You may love the outdoors but the sun is harsh to your skin. Wrinkles and age spots are the least of it. The sun can aggravate medical conditions, interfere with prescriptive drugs, and cause skin cancer. Obviously, staying inside is the best way to protect yourself from the sun's harmful rays but not very realistic. Minimize your exposure and still enjoy the outdoors by avoiding the sun between the hours of 10 and 3p.m. when the sun's ultraviolet rays are the strongest.

THY/THOU/THEE Fashion Trend

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Hello my beautifull people so Today just happens to be the most beautiful day that I have ever seen. The sun is shinning so bright, the birds are out and about singing. I’m just laying down in the field, looking up at the sky, thinking how today could get any better but somehow its boring to me wonder why but thats coz maybe yester-night i spent the whole night playing the new mission play station 3 CD i bought which consumed all of my precious night time now iv woken up with black eyes NkT! so not pleasing i tell you...
anyhu LEGOOO...
Finding inspiration to write about fall/winter trends has certainly become much easier recently. While the calendar may well say it’s still summer, the view out of my window tells a rather different story. With menacing grey clouds looming above and a wind that you would be hard pressed to describe as a gentle breeze, it’s safe to say that the segue away from summer is truly under way.

21 Sep 2011


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 Hi world !!!CHULALA FASHIONS is getting more member's all the time and I'm so happy and pleased to tell you welcome on board to this fashion plane, The fashion plane will take you on a trip all over the earth to discover fashion and trends from every corner of our lovely planet ..
anyhu enough with my yapping now back to important matters so.....
am not one of those dudes for boasting…but I was kinda looking through pictures from a party I went to recently and thought, damn I have styling douche' friends (I also thought, why am I the only one who couldn’t stop flirting with some lame chicks in the party and some of the best pics taken…but another subject for another time).

19 Sep 2011

THE MAN CODE (cap 406)

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Good morning/evening thy fellow readers n blogger z so its now time for men to read and master thou CODE....
The Man Code
In The Man Code, “Men will know how to put up a protective wall that not only makes us SEEM like we don’t care, but can actually make us BELIEVE that we don’t care — unless that wall is broken down by the few people who can. Typically, those people are women we love and cherish: our moms, our sisters, and our girlfriends  — definitely not all girls this i must make clear, but certainly the ones who matter and make us feel safe enough to let go and be real.”
This is it. So it has been written, and so
it shall be enacted ..................


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Happiness is spent never well enough
Glory comes next his intentions are
Pain sets in with a chance its blow
Misery is near by enjoying the show
Fate comes in and announces whose up Insanity creeps in and turns me corrupt
Confusion follows his goals are clear
Destiny comes in and shows whats near
Jealousy stands now his thoughts so

14 Sep 2011


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The Anticipation gets bigger as the
begins. This coming week on the 21st of September at the Alliance Fran├žaises NAIROBI.
African Fashion
International launches another event though the last times one was gud but the organizers have promised that they'll make this 1 even 5times bigger and great as they also discuss the
Future of Forward Fashion in Kenya thanks to JOHN KAVEKES HELP 'the well known Kenyan fashion designer abroad'.


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Before i cough any word my fellow bloggers or readers i must say first that "fashion is what you given four time a year but style is what you choose out of the fashion" and my advice to you people is find what works best with you and try to understand how to work with it or under it my fashion followers.in my own words i dont see the use of seeing you friend all dressed up and looking good then you of all people going to shop for the exact outfit you saw them with now that would be pure shaddyness to me TRUST me i would even loose respect for you..
To me anything you have in your closet is the best piece that most of your friends dream or would kill to have but for you ohh!!!!NOOOO u look down on yourself..

3 Sep 2011


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It has never been a man thing to have on bright colored outfits but in the recent past men have being defying the norm and trying out some color. For me personally i believe it is some thing that we men should try out but with limits because not any color works for everybody.  first you should be very keen on the color coordination and two the type of out fit.
t's that dreaded look on people's faces. Don't you hate that? So what if you wanted to wear your favorite top with a pair of pants that didn't go together?


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So The long awaited second edition of the Runway254 went down at the new venue which was the Six-eighty hotel in the city center. Which i would say was taken a notch higher with the organizers and everybody in that was involved. The designers that show cased didn't disappoint either and i think if runway254 continues to give up and coming designers a chance to show case their talent the fashion industry in Kenya will be heading in the right direction and more people will be able to buy designs from home grown designers.


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Morning my FOLLOWERS :
So im viewed as this fashion geek by everyone who knows me because i don't just dress but i dress to impress living with me you'd think that im a Homo coz i take nearly an hour and a half  trying every cloth in my closet depending with where im going that day,at fist my girlfriend not actually my Girlfriend coz i don't do relationships but ill call her my close friend Just not to be *rude*
Anyhow Dressing up for work on Mondays has been a routine thing for most guys and it has usally been a shirt, pants and black shoes or for most of guys its suits.


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Morning Guyz so this weekend is here and its tym to dress down.  this weekend in looking forward to rocking more accessories, as you will notice the looks below involve more accessories and i think guyz should try having a little accessories but dont over do it coz it might backfire one you so start simple..
oh! by the way I.O.N(in other news)
today saturday the 3rd is EARH DANCE the full trance,electro festival movement in nairobi which my cousin has been preaching day in day out for me for the past 2 months ago before i came back to kenya so today is the day i get to go for it and get wasted and have fun to the fullest with