30 Nov 2012


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Please do excuse my lack of updates on the blog of late. I've been trying to recover froma serious paper chase meetings with investors and trying to mkae ends meet which took all of my free blog time... anyhu back to matters of the Heart, body and Soul FASHION-ED to day is all about
photos no talking or explaing feel free to leave your comment below and follow us too,,......

29 Nov 2012

FASHION FEAUTURE:- Erykah Achebe's Style Blog

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My fellow Fashion bloggers this week is all about trying so hard to find out about other bloggers and bring them to the lime light through my one and only site, anyhu without further or do today my first Blogger from Africa but currently lives in Texas is Miss Helene who recommended this style blog to me, and I am so glad she did, as Erykah Achebe's blog is stunning! Erykah lives in Dallas, Texas, and she knows how to dress with style and rock some great tribal print combinations perfectly without forcing/sweating it hard and making her look as if she tried so hard like some women/ladies around/across the globe................

28 Nov 2012

FASHION:- DELLA (carry change)

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So I'm sorta a music slut, today I'm in love with Davido, tomorrow Elani music and the list goes on and on. So in this gorgeous month of Early dec, 2012, my heart has found shelter in the loving arms of an awesome brother called Makadem.
His music takes me so many different but very lovable forms; "quirky, emotional and even playful, his beautifully scented vocal chords will take you" *no HOmo*
Anyhu back to matters of the heart, Body and soul FASHION-ED, so today im going to inform you guys about the Fashion Label by the name of DELLA.............

17 Nov 2012


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Hello my people, Today is shaping up to be a great day. I’m poised, energized and ready to get some workout in later today. Once again i have missed yet another landmark in the growing Nigerian fashion industry; MTN LAGOS FASHION & DESIGN WEEK. Sigh!
To say i have been impressed would be a gross under-statement. Not only were there more menswear offerings; the quality was impeccable.
Here are a couple of the showcases;

16 Nov 2012

GUEST BLOGGER:- AUDREY- RE-STYLE YOUR DENIM (http://inches2style.blogspot.com )

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Yeah! Yeah! i know and we both know (you and me) It’s been a long, long time before i posted anything here, but it’s finally here  again im back!i was totally caught up trying to make ends meet and of-course look for awesome new Guest fashion bloggers and that is why today i bring to you the awesome, beautiful Audrey Masista of http://inches2style.blogspot.com  she has style and i had to confront here to make an appearance in CHULALA FASHIONS ,Anyhu with less talking here is what she had for you.......