26 Jun 2012


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Hello children of God/Allah so i had an enjoyable Monday afternoon meeting up with other fashion bloggers at the Networking Day for fashion and creative Bloggers. It was an intimate get together and it 
I hope that this event in the coming months will become a regular occurrence in the fashion blogging world because as much as it is great to connect with other bloggers online, it is as equally as important to connect with them in person. Anyhow back to matters of the Heart, Body and Soul FASHION-ED

17 Jun 2012

Fashion Magazine: - Up Close and Personal with Arinze Nwokolo of Zen Magazine Africa

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Hey my lovely Followers and Friends from other mediums? Well today i got the opportunity to bring to you/interview the one and only  Arinze Nwokolo just in-case you dont know him he is the fashion editor for The Zen Magazine Africa. So many people want to be a fashion editor but they don’t really know what an editor does and is all about. It only used to be that a girl growing up wanted to be a princesses or a vet and now everyone wants to be a fashion editor how Sad.
Anyhu when I heard about Arinze Nwokolo, I had to get an interview, being a big fan of Zen Magazine myself.

15 Jun 2012


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No one really wants to spend their nightout in town running to the bathroom to make sure their hair is still in place (for the ladies). It is possible to impress your friends with a stunning and sexy up-do that will remain the entire evening and in there mind.  So here i decided to bring to you the African Ankara street female style Look-book check it out and feel free to leave your comments...

13 Jun 2012


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Hey! How's your week been? Mine has been full with stress from work, a constant pain in my knee and a bunch of other stuff nobody but myself knows off *sad*. So far it's been a horrible week. I always get this feeling that no matter how hard I try there will always be problems in my life cos i do many things at once n when I finish resolving something another one blows up in full force. I'm really frustrated right now. For the past couple of days I've been reluctant to blog but I decided to do it tonight. and i must.......

11 Jun 2012


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Hallo my Hombres sorry for a whole 3weeks without posting anything here but as you can see the blogs theme and design has changed because i was totally busy working on it for the whole 3 weeks do feel free to tell me how it looks like to you and what i should remove or add in it to make it better, I'd like to say that its done but sadly not its still not we are still on the final touches thou'... So as to not waste the whole month without posting anything,..............

1 Jun 2012

SPOTLIGHT:- Adama Paris

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Hallo my lovely pips its been a while but i blame it on the paper chase,
Created by Senegalese stylist Adama Amanda Ndiaye, Adama Paris features jumpers, dresses, bathing suits, and separates fashioned out of Ankara fabric. The silhouettes are modern, colors bold, and the details? Delightful.anyhu check-out this designers part 2 collection....