28 Oct 2011


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Hellur!!! lovely bloggers this after-noon so of late, I have been involved in an email/ text name it all exchange with this lady who thinks im Brad Pitt to her all sexy and handsome.  Although, she is sure that her husband kinda suspects her that she is obsessed with me the young boy from the next door, It is pretty obvious that her husband is gay or cheating on her to coz he doesn't bother that much to investigate if we're even shagging and shit!! ( Goey Greco is alive Bitch nigger look for him and let him do his thing ) . She seems to
think to herself that both men are jealous but shock on her coz the husband is in love of other husbands hah aha!!

11 Oct 2011


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So today i'm so sad kinda having one of those boring days when you u just look at everything differently and it just makes you unhappy. *sad face* when the shower is too cold because the heater has refused or acting up... when the coffee is too sugary or sour...
when the sun is shining too bright and burning into your scalp.... When the music in the lift/elevator is playing too loudly....when the weather feels so polluted and disgustingly congested....When everyone who passes you has to shove you or smell very weirdly...
Today I sob inside. I look at my past and where am from.
And it's been a journey.gosh A JOURNEY

8 Oct 2011


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Greetings thy people *game of throne* Smile...smile....blush i know you wanna! :) I
had missed you guys! even if it was just for 19hrs *dnt care* Come
here....hurdle up boys and girls ....
>>group hug<<

So back to bizzniesss celebrities rockin African Print yes i have said it AFRICAN (ZULU,KUMABONGO,aweh/awe,Chwee chweereekeys *african accent* (hehe....just had to put that there)

FASHION - HIJAB ( islam )

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Heyy!!! children of God *alwys wntd to say that* hahaha!!! anyhu i know after most of you have read the post title being islam ya'll be thinking Osama is Back &%*#2


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I know i haven't blogged in a while actualy just in 3days {o.O} but
that's because am doing a crazy shift at
work Of late ARGH!!! *pulln' my eyelashes out of anger*, but hey dont give me that explain yourself look because i might just endup stabing you with a blunt carrot or shave your head while your dead asleep which ever will cross my mind as funny *evil mojo jojo ( powerpuff girls ) laugh* anyhuuu.....
African fashion,spring is almost here,
which reminds me of how much fun it
is to just slip on a chino pant, put on a pair of
sandals and leave the house. Casual
Men chino pants look are great because they


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Most people can talk about the craftsmanship of Giorgio Armani’s suits or the classic tailoring of Calvin Klein. But, ask them to name a Black male designer and some people can’t come up with one except for urban hip hop labels likeRocawear or Sean John. From 2007 up until he was recently fired, black designer Patrick Robinson was The Gap’s Executive Vice President of Design. One Black man who has received numerous accolades is Sean ‘P.Diddy’ Combs for his non-urban Sean John men’s collections. Some would argue he’s not a real designer but a celebrity using his name to push a label. Can you name one?
In men’s fashion, one of the most respected Black designers is Ozwald Boateng.

6 Oct 2011


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HELLO people of God!! :) so i'v come to a conclusion that Each week starting tomorow CHULALA FASHIONS will feature a post authored by a any guest. I like this idea because it'l encourage creativity and inspiration among ourselves but more importantly will open up CHULALA FASHIONS into a more interactive community between bloggers, Of course all content will be edited by yours truly 'me' to ensure the site’s values are upheld..
If you would like to be a featured guest blogger, please contact C.F with your ideas and suggestions.

3 Oct 2011


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Hey hows everyone today?? Me im just there holding up so bored as phurk anyhu so if come to a conclusion that after a couple of fashion posts il'b writing posts on tips about basic
house hold items that can help both sexes but mostly me Ladiez
and also save you some cash.
So today its all about that white powderd stuff and no its not Coc/heroine/or some other cheap drugs out there *sorry to burst your bubble* but its waiiitt for it ........... Here it comes taaaraaaaaa >>> BAKING POWDER. not CAKE SOAP (vybz kartels bleaching soap)Nop!!!
I was doing
some reading on some beauty blog and.....

Arabian Nights, every Wednesday @ Cafe Habibi

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Hellloooo people ..today im kinda out of something to post so im just going to tell you about this new cafe in nairobi's westlands area called cafe Habibi


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NFM ( nairobi fashion martket) was established in 2010 to promote Nairobi’s fashion retail
industry, to provide a platform for
product launches and information and
to make all this accessible the majority
of working Kenyans.
The first event in November 2011 was
widely acclaimed in the media, the
retailers, the designers, the shoppers
and visitors and by the entertainers.


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Kenyan Designer John Kaveke showcased during the London Fashion week 2011 at the Luxurious Charing Cross Hotel. We loved the colours and the diversity of the men’s collection he showcased at the LFW 2011.The leso espadrilles added a funky and creative style to the men’s wear.A pair of this in your closet just adds the effortlessly stylish feel in everything you pair them up with.check up his website for more www.kaveke.com tel. We loved the colors and the diversity of the men’s collection he showcased at the LFW 2011.The leso espadrilles added a funky and creative style to the men’s wear.A pair of this in your closet just adds the effortlessly stylish feel in everything you pair them up with.check up his website for more www.kaveke.com


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Heeeelllllluuuuuuuuuuurrrrrr *Madea’s
voice* ….whooosah!! my beautiful and handsome readers so
today im doing a little away from the runaway and fashion clothes to now.
something I know will definitely
catch your attention *females/lads/chix/women* as we take a
breather from the fashion week.
Jewelry of whatever kind is something
women adore,and make us men do anything just to buy them what they want be it silver,gold,rocks,birth stones(yeahh my girlfriend


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Good afternoon beautiful and fashioned sense people *hope you are BDW*!!Am currently listening to some mard Dance-hall today. Blaring in my Beats by Dre headphones Hahaha and im even not bragging that i have them, by the way. Anyhu Some guy just said "aey!yuh gal inna di pumpum short butt-length skirt.....dat affi make me haffi stare till a Blod (blood) vessel haffi go burst!" wah! Jamaicans are just the ISHHHT!!! i tell yuh anad that's why they cant miss in my playlist!!
anhyhuuuu back to SERIOUS MATTERS now........
Miss Priscilla Okwaro obviously a Kenyan where im happy to be from even if im in the u.k now *sad*,anyhu