28 Feb 2012

fashion designer AKPOS OKUDU :- Behind the scenes photo-shoot

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Hi-ya people! How was your MID-week? Hope all is well.
Hm-mm what will I do this weekend? Cant even tell but what ....I know is this Sunday is just a couple of hours ago but it seems like its in the next 10 years :( i cant wait for it to reach i go bungee jumping Aah!!! *rick Ross' voice*

27 Feb 2012

Scarves: Tie Men’s Scarves

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Many guys will think only women need to tie a scarf, whilst men prove their manhood by just throwing it over themselves – however, you should already know that by paying attention to the finer details, you can take your outfits and personal style to the next level.

With this in mind, it’s time to learn how to tie a scarf correctly and expand your options when it comes to finishing off your outfits. Today I will provide you with a breakdown of some specific type of scarves currently available on the market, and then show you 6 (yes, SIX) different ways you can tie your scarves.

25 Feb 2012


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Hi Everyone!!!!!!!!
I was trying to ‘dodge’ doing some blogging this week because I am soooo sleepy. I went to bed really early last night so I ended up waking up at 2AM. I finally went back to sleep at 5AM.
Sooooo how was your week? This week went by sooooo fast, didn’t it? Wow! Anyways, it was a fun week. I didn’t do much but I enjoyed it all the same....

23 Feb 2012

AFRICAN FASHION: Deola Sagoe’s ‘Ori Oke’ Fall 2012 Collection look-book

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I return to this blog daily with fond memories. In its pages, I have captured a bit of fleeting time, a snapshot of youth and wings stretched out in search of flight. I have grown now with where this blog has reached . I am now air-borne. My life is different and more grounded. I am happier, I think no I KNOW
 anyhu back to matters of the heart, body, soul and mind FASHION-ED
today i get to tel and show you about my new fav African designer DEOLA SAGOE

21 Feb 2012


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Hi Everyone,Happy Saturday!
This week has been 'one of those weeks'... As in, very difficult to explain, lots of fun and productive things have happened but there has been a fair share of not-so-great things TOO :(. As my mum says 'God is on the throne so all is well' Its all good because it is Friday and the day has already started off well! HUREEE! So this is my first Weekend Luv of the new year. Yay!

19 Feb 2012


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Hey my brother and sisters from another mother and connected through thick and thin cables of the internet/ WI-FI just for one course which is to blog and connect to each other and share our ideas, thoughts and much more we cant mention...... (PG rated)...anyhow today im totally going to bring to you and show you the one and only...

18 Feb 2012


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Hi Yippee! The weekend is ALREADY here.
Good Morning and Happy Saturday. We at CHULALA FASHIONS are really happy to see you on this gorgeous, bright and sunny day. As you all know it is that day of the week when Africa’s mover and shaker for all things Entertainment, Fashion, Lifestyle, Music and more - CHULALA FASHIONS gives you a first class opportunity to see for yourself the hottest places, venues, hangouts to be spotted with friends and family this weekend.

17 Feb 2012

NICE LOOK: man-look

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I’ve decided to start blogging full force again 24/7. Fashion and lifestyle are the two main-subjects on this blog as you all know and I will post everything from my own outfits to different types of guides how to and how to not wear outfits ( of course the opinions are my own, but they are based on what I see, like, love  and read on different fashion magazines and fashion shows). oh!! my bad HALLO

16 Feb 2012

Trend Look: Professor look

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Hey lovelies Believe it or not, your geography/math/english teacher was cool. and any other middle-aged teacher. that university professor look is an image to be reckoned with.
Fashion headmasters Gucci, Lavin, Salvatore Ferragamo and Roberto Cavalli have all

13 Feb 2012


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Hey everyone!!!What’s good? Hope your weekend went well. Mine was really good! I went to some very awesome events from fashion, house/trance, photo shoots and DANG!!!…blissful!
Plus one of my long time ago friends was around so that was really cool she has become really sexy with that BAM a** Anyways, with valentines upon us today I know its usually a Thursday/friday thing but this year its on a tuesday gosh!!
anyhu I'd like to give Special thanks to Grace Makosewe,


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Hey my new dimension internet friends  well today im not going to talk much because We're in shock with this unexpected news of the death of Whitney Houston; the world has surely lost such a talented singer/friend/wife/mother at only 48 years old... :( .Goodbye Whitney Houston! Your music will sure not let us forget you!

12 Feb 2012


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Hey... my FASHION-ED fam hows you today ALOHA!! anyhu back to matters of the heart, body, soul and mind FASHION-ED today i'll be talking a Little bit about
B Store is one of those .....
shops that catches your attention from miles away. The  boutique is located on Kingly Street in London and carries cool, modern and accessible product for him and her. They even publish their own magazine lately called B Magazine, which focuses more on style than fashion (that's my kinda mag). the clothing is fashion forward but still very practical.

11 Feb 2012

EVENT: Fashion After Dark

Hello beauties/BLOGGERS/fashion-ed /stylists !
Hope you're all doing alright! Things are getting a bit better over here in Kenya my home country (yes iv returned back home to Mama bear) so I wanted to make a post about an upcoming FASHION event in Nairobi that,
Is the talk of the town of late its called FASHION AFTER DARK ( F.A.D )

9 Feb 2012


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I don't know i think denim shirts rock, As you know by now, I am always on the pulse of what’s happening in fashion! :D for the express purpose of a casual look in the daytime, mall, coffee, bookstores, any type of errand i think its hard to beat a nice western shirt. although im not talking bout the waaay over the top ones with flowers and embroidery and stuff but just good patterns and denim shirts are hard to beat...

BLACKBERRY TORCH: why i sold mine

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Hey lovelies how are you this wonderful boring Thursday Ha ha!! God am i so bored in the office today *chokes myself with a tissue* to kill the boredom :(.. anyhu today I'm not talking about fashion as usual today im going all ELLEN on this blog with some story anyhow do read and fell free to comment what you think WARNING tho"
So Many people have been asking me why i sold my precious Blackberry torch *moment of silence for my loss* :),

8 Feb 2012

GLITS N THINGS -: West African Launch (by Editalo)

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Dear Friends
I'll be touring as many blogs as possible from tomorrow  as I prepare for the release of  my site ( this blog going to be website not a blog anymore) So, I am asking my wonderful bloggers to please let me know if you'd be so kind to allow me disturb your blog for one day! he he. I promise to be smart and sensible....
My first stop is i still haven't decided yet  :-)

6 Feb 2012


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HEY and today i happen to feature these random people

4 Feb 2012


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Hi Everyone, How is it going? Thanks to everyone that left their suggestions and feedback on my firstguest blogger post  MIKKI STARDUST in the 2days last post. Its much appreciated! xoxo
At the moment, im yet again on to another guest blogger very talented her name is.... *drum rolls* .....
IQUIRA (KENYA) , there are loads of  designers and lots of stuff she has done over the years from bead making,reckless and more .

HIGH STREET FASHION:- "EsOsa" Fashion 4the Workplace

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 HEY  LOVELIES Sorry about the sporadic blogging! I am so caught up organizing a huge event actually not event but events for this month of Feb in Nairobi, Kenya at the moment and its rather crazy ohh!!! very crazy i tell God.. Anyways, with FASHION HIGH TEA coming up soon, there are loads of events from kenya to London  and everywhere in between...WOW!!!......

2 Feb 2012


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Hi Everyone! So how was your week so far? Mine is alright but I cant even remember most of it because it feels sooooo distant to end already.
Anyways, back to matters of the heart, body,mind ad soul FASHION-ED for those who are new to my blog this line right there is my fashion *motto* you better get familiar when you in this site ha ha joking....
Fashion and Music was in the air as fabulously dressed folks gathered for the biggest fashion show of the year. The Runway,

1 Feb 2012


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Hi Everyone! Soooooo it’s already end month – ‘hump day’ as some call it.
How is your week so far? Hope all is going well like mine *wink*. My week has been cool so far actually. Thank God.
This past weekend I hung out with one of my very good friends, as i told you on my last post so throughout the weekend, they kept on mentioning that.....
 i should start already with my mission to look for guest bloggers and feature them on my site so as to drive traffic to there blogs/sites and they also do the same to me.