27 Mar 2013

FASHION:- Bring Out your Wardrobe with Israella|KOBLA

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Israella|KOBLA| is an African fashion label for the edgy girl that loves to express her own style through the clothes she wears. Runned by UK born, Ghanaian fashion designer, Emefa Kuadey, Israella|KOBLA| is all about creating edgy, classy and feminine looks. The brand’s debut collection is called, “Lost in the WILDERNESS” and it not only symbolizes Emefa’s entry into the fashion industry, but also urges the wearer to bring out her inner wild side in every look. this is what she had to say about the collection
"This collection is based on the idea of a regal woman trying to explore her “wild side”. Every piece in the collection has either a feminine silhouette or a very feminine feature about it. At the same time the clothes are taken to a unique level, with some sort of edgy, defining detail.

26 Mar 2013

Moupia Hats:- so Cool and Trendy! a Must-Have

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Its a new Month and i haven't been updating this blog for the past three months all because all the doors are opened for me and i kinda forgot i owned a blog so Yes! im back now with a bang now that I've worked on my free schedules, from now onward ill be uploading day-to day fashion event photos and what cut over the weekends and the talk of the town where I'll be by the current timing of blogging anyhow less talking and back to today's topic
MOUPIA HATS - Don’t get stuck on the regular snap-backs, Moupia hats are out to spice up your new-season wardrobe