29 May 2012


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Trends are sure a funny thing in my opinion. Someone in this world takes a good design and exaggerates it a little bit, and then *Wallah* someone else exaggerates it further still and the same goes on and on. This occurs until we have a caricature of the original, thus causing people to denounce the design entirely and swing the other way to a whole new different design. And then came my favorite  thing in the world Shoes *siiiigh*. i mean what can one possibly do without these two leather,sued,velvet any type of shoe you have do without??? for me nothing

25 May 2012


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Hey and Bye..
check out the photos

18 May 2012

MODEL:- DANI EVANS for "Be One with the Maasai"Campaign

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You gotta admire a Black woman who rocks color mainly inspired from her roots and country Africa, and does it with style! So when I first DANI Evan's face, Woah! i have to say out loud that lady can totaaaaly geeeeeerit! I just couldn't stop clicking, zooming, staring on here pics live a pervert in a nuns room.  Dani's style's reflects what I love about fashion/Africa - it's fun, it's funky and it's fabulous, As a man who loves mixing prints and color, I was enthralled by her style. Anyhu back to...........

15 May 2012

New summer fashion:- by LABEL Ohema Ohene

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What??? please tell me beats an innovative mind of this London Based African designer Abeena Pokuaa?? Nothing that's what. She goes ahead to prove that she is the one with the OH! by Oheme Ohene as it is a pleasant mix of inspiration, class, African prints and most def creativity.

The New British  fashion label by Ohema Ohene [in Ghanaian language, twi which means Queen & king] was launched in 2008 by British born Abenaa Pokuaa of Ghanaian descent *hureeee!! go GHANA!!* . The label operates in the multi-cultural city of London which serves as one of the labels inspiration as well as it so represents her native Ghanaian roots also.

14 May 2012


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Hey my lovely fashion-ed, fashionistos/tas Gosh! has it been long since i blogged 3weeks i guess i is??? sorry loves wont happen again now that I'm back and on my job Leave *Hureeee* now from now onwards it back to the old me blogging every morning till evening nothing else to do *sighhhh!!!*  Anyhow back to Matters of the Heart, Body and Soul FASHION-ED today being a Monday I'm going to inform you of my new eye set Designers Beautiful of-course These two designers from .........

1 May 2012


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Olla amigoz!! hope all of you are doing great ..
i wanted to end your week with FASHION-ED street style photos...