23 Oct 2012

FASHION:- 46664 Autumn Winter 2011/2012

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I definitely feel the pattern mix/combination of this collection! Showcased at South African Fashion week, S.F.W color blocking in menswear, is def a major go Go! Plus prints, mixing prints and bold colors, the collection features both menswear and womenswear but on this post today im dwelling on with the menswear..
have a look at the collection and feel free to eave your comment about what you think about it...........

22 Oct 2012


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This week its all about ladies looks and runways shows/collections

16 Oct 2012


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For all my fellow/bros and the fashion loving men out there, Petrouman’s recent S/S 2012 Collection has definitely drawn a strong inspiration from Africa, certainly through its use of fabrics. This recent assemblage is confined to mainly deep denim blues, stone grey, browns and creams- very earthy… very African. Loving the tribal hand patterns recurring in most of the garments and elasticized cropped harems. If your keen enough you will Notice a very similar vibe to that of.................

15 Oct 2012


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Safari Fashion Week is an annual event organized by AFAD-K with the aim of promoting the the fashion industry in kenya.
  A FAD-Khas brought individuals in the fashion careers together, with the intention to build a standing of the Industry within the community and carry the expression of Kenyan Culture through Fashion, with the intention to develop creative talent and establish a Professional Profile Locally and Internationally.
Safari Fashion week The show aims to display fashion collection by the best of Kenyan
designers representing creativity and slender of our culture and traditions.

14 Oct 2012

STREET FASHION: Nairobi style

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street style nairobi

13 Oct 2012


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African fabrics are always known for their bright colors and distinctive designs, The African Fabric,is definitely rich with cultural meaning. The word “Kitenge” has evolved into describing an African cotton fabric printed in various colours and designs with distinctive borders that is used to create garments, accessories & decor items. Within the past decade, the Kitenge has experienced tremendous popularity and can now be spotted on international fashion runways and worn by celebrities around the world.  
It is no longer a fabric associated with rural Africa. It is now ...........................

12 Oct 2012


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The Swahili Fashion Week- Nairobi showcase went down over the weekend at the Michael Joseph Center and all people who went must admit that it definitely kicked Ass. Since this was the first time that it was happening in Nairobi, Kenya people were anxious to see what was going to be brought on the Runway by the designers. The place was fully packed as the tickets were all sold out. The designers did an excellent job and the co-ordination of the whole event was excellent plus the models not to forget.  The designers collections were interesting as each person had there own creativity and individuality not forgetting the major aspect prints were mostly seen , yet not forgetting Patricia Mbela who didn't disappoint at all as her designs had great color schemes, modernized prints, stitching,creativity and the accessories made and used were just on top of the world.

10 Oct 2012


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The other day I was walking through village market when I spotted this gorgeous woman. I rushed through the crowds and finally caught up with her and asked if I could take her photo and a photo with her too of-course. We exchanged numbers so hopefully you will see a lot more of her very soon!because she has this elegant classy fashion style you'll totally love,
Anyhu If I have learned anything over the last four years it is that style is a reflection of how we feel and take care of ourselves.

6 Oct 2012


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BAZEEEEEENGAR! Been a while since i posted anyhing. I am so sorry. For some reason, i have been unable to create some balance in my personal life of-late. Work, school and random hookups,raving  are clashing. Classes during the weekends have kinda toned my looks to a more laid back casual style. However, i plead that you give me some time to get my stuff together.
Meanwhile,back to matters of the Heart, Body and Soul FASHION-ED..............................