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Chulala Fashions is an urban-culture lifestyle digital magazine, Agency that caters for people who love everything artistic Fashion being the main Theme/Subject  from Africa and other parts of the world.

Founded in 2010, CHULALA FASHIONS is a style blog that approaches personal style from an urban perspective. With sartorial influences stretching over many areas and eras of fashion, owner Marvin Saidi Twalim A.K.A Chulala, just twenty one years old, came about  to publish a truly unique vision of fashionable menswear online site and yet to come Magazine. Among other accolades, Chulala Fashions has been featured in magazines such as Nu peoples Magazine and Fashion Eye, ranked Best Men’s African Style Blog by the UK fashion media/magazines, and named among “89 Bloggers Who Really Count” by the London Times.
Our brand “Chulala Fashions” is hoping to showcase some of the most gifted models, distinguished executives in both the public & private sectors, fashion designers showcasing their exquisite designs, tourist locations both locally & overseas, lifestyle & health tips from experts, sports updates, art work & our cultural differences and the photographers who make it happen behind the scenes. We are going to be exposing all kinds of creative talents, giving spotlight to Africa’s finest all over the world.

Comany Overview

The history of one of Africa’s most glamorous digital magazine was first written in 2010, when Chulala fashions CEO and Editor Marvin Saidi decided to start the magazine with little or no funding & no ideal understanding of what he could become – a company built around passionate people, filled with a vision to achieve! The whole idea of Chulala fashions is to be a platform that connects, interacts, educates & inspires Africans & lovers of African heritage worldwide. Our heritage is vast like you already know – Fashion, Music & Creative Art are just a few areas loads of people focus on but even within all these fields, there are a host of departments under them – (From The beautiful models who strut their talents on the runway, to the Makeup artists who work tirelessly to ensure each model or client looks glamorously flawless, the stylists who bring their own knowledge of styles & combinations to make the perfect look, to the fashion designers who dazzle us every time with their amazing collections & trends, to the photographers who snap every shot that lasts in our memories for years to come, travel destinations that make Africa one of the most special tourist destinations in the world, the music minds who blow us away with their sense of sound, the Picasso of our generation & the ones before us, to our culture of food, language & lifestyle) – Chulala Fashions is Packed & is for the everyday person who wants to learn a thing or two, be inspired, be exposed & network with great professionals! Along the line, we kept learning and it occurred to us that we couldn’t just keep learning from us Africans alone and there was a need to break out and learn from other continents who share similar cultures like we do – From American, Caribbean & British models & creative minds, we featured, we interviewed, we shared & learnt from our neighboring international friends & partners.

Chulala Fashions is a lifestyle, a passion to learn & live!

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