17 Jun 2012

Fashion Magazine: - Up Close and Personal with Arinze Nwokolo of Zen Magazine Africa

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Hey my lovely Followers and Friends from other mediums? Well today i got the opportunity to bring to you/interview the one and only  Arinze Nwokolo just in-case you dont know him he is the fashion editor for The Zen Magazine Africa. So many people want to be a fashion editor but they don’t really know what an editor does and is all about. It only used to be that a girl growing up wanted to be a princesses or a vet and now everyone wants to be a fashion editor how Sad.
Anyhu when I heard about Arinze Nwokolo, I had to get an interview, being a big fan of Zen Magazine myself.

Well here is Arinze Nwokolo, in his own words. 

Chulala Fashions: When did you start to develop this passion?
Arinze Nwokolo:   You could say I started developing a passion for African heritage 7 years
ago though the passion blew up tremendously over the last 4years now.

Chulala Fashions: What made you start it (magazine)
Arinze Nwokolo:  Well i wanted to start something before I die... Lost too many close people to me
and it hit me to start something sooner than waiting till I get the money to start it.
Chulala Fashions: True thing bruv i feel you on this

Chulala Fashions: What were the challenges along the way and how did you overcome these until the successful launch of ZEN?
Arinze Nwokolo:  I think everyday has its' own challenges so you never really fully
overcome them, you just find a solution to the present problem and move
on. We are an online magazine, digital through www.zenmagazineafrica.com

Chulala Fashions: What are your future plans with the Magazine?
Arinze Nwokolo:  Basically it's To make it Zen Magazine a print issue and to be recognized as one of the top 5 magazines in the world.

Chulala Fashions: What is Zen and what is it all about?
Arinze Nwokolo:  Zen is basically all about sharing African heritage & learning from our
international partners to better our understanding of life.

Chulala Fashions: What is your fashion background in your own personal view and encounter?
Arinze Nwokolo:  My fashion background ... (don't have the right answer/ words for this question yet)  skip
Chulala Fashions: Hmmmmm!!! *Mojo Jojoz Voice* OK for now :) but still on the same kind of Question thou' since i never say die if I'm out to get what i want *Hides Behind my Ipad* When did you first become interested in fashion?
Arinze Nwokolo: *smiles* Well I have always been interested in fashion, since I was 15 years of age.

Chulala Fashions: What inspires you?
Arinze Nwokolo:  God inspires me through our friends who support our work, our fans who
share our work & our followers you appreciate our work Shout out to y'all of you out there.

Chulala Fashions: And here comes the Hard tricky Question Fashion Related people find it Tricky to Answer Who is your favorite designer? it's OK take your time:)
Arinze Nwokolo: *Thinks for a min* I don't really have a favourite For Now.... I have so many! LOL

Chulala Fashions: What was your most one time unfashionable moment?
Arinze Nwokolo: Don't really think I have any moment that stood it .. Unless my University
days in O.A.U....LOL!!
Chulala Fashions: Well for me i kinda had many of them Thanks to my Mum Smh!! :(

Chulala Fashions: If you could be one article of clothing, what would you be and why?
Arinze Nwokolo:  Most definitely a Tee Shirt - Because Basically The fit is everything for me!

Chulala Fashions: Is there a fashion moment that stands out for you?
Arinze Nwokolo: None no None

Chulala Fashions: What is a typical work day for you?
Arinze Nwokolo: On the internet researching, planning, communicating & strategizing,
meetings with the team & more private stuff ..lol

Chulala Fashions: OK how private are we talking here:)

Chulala Fashions: What makes your magazine different from others on the market/net?
Arinze Nwokolo: I guess it's coz We are vibrant, we don't put a price on what we share & we are passionate about it. The team love African heritage, they love what they do & can't
wait till it blows up globally.

Chulala Fashions: What do you like most about Zen Magazine Personally in your words?
Arinze Nwokolo:  Everything ..... coz We are diverse & vibrant

Chulala Fashions: If you look at all the other fashion Magazines, what is the role of Zen Africa?
Arinze Nwokolo: Our role is to a beacon for the creative media here in Africa to be displayed to the world. There are so many magazines doing awesome things and we are doing our own part to share the message.

Chulala Fashions: What's your advice to writers in a few short words as we windup?
Arinze Nwokolo: Keep it simple & use more images in to tell the story.

Chulala Fashions: Anything else you would like to add?
Arinze Nwokolo: No not really.... I have said too much already..... LOL!! . Be inspired -
Inspire to be Inspired!

Ha ha!! i actually saw that coming but i just hoped and i repeat hope you wouldn't say that *grins*

Well there you've had it people all or maybe not all but a few of stuff you didnt know know you know about the C.E.O / editor for Zen Magazine Africa Himself Arinze Nwokolo

You can get him or the whole of his team Zen Magazine in
Twitter: @zenmagafrica 
And of course if you have a BlackBerry add him BB Pin: 22483A88 


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