12 Oct 2012


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The Swahili Fashion Week- Nairobi showcase went down over the weekend at the Michael Joseph Center and all people who went must admit that it definitely kicked Ass. Since this was the first time that it was happening in Nairobi, Kenya people were anxious to see what was going to be brought on the Runway by the designers. The place was fully packed as the tickets were all sold out. The designers did an excellent job and the co-ordination of the whole event was excellent plus the models not to forget.  The designers collections were interesting as each person had there own creativity and individuality not forgetting the major aspect prints were mostly seen , yet not forgetting Patricia Mbela who didn't disappoint at all as her designs had great color schemes, modernized prints, stitching,creativity and the accessories made and used were just on top of the world.

the main Swahili Fashion Week fashion show has to offer in December. Credits go to Mustafa Hassanali for bring the event to Nairobi and also for the efforts he has had. Also not forgetting this two guys who were really helpful to each and everyone for the smooth running of the event :

 these are the pictures of the model casting before the show itself

The main fashion show will be held in Dar-es-salaam in December. Be on a look out for that one :)


Patricia Mbela collection photos courtesy of KWELI.

For more information visit Swahili Fashion
Website: http://www.swahilifashionweek.com
E-mail: info@swahilifashionweek.com

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