11 Jan 2013


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Say Kenya and images of beautiful landscapes and wildlife immediately jump into mind in quick succession, Say Italy and fashion and maestros images invade you! It is therefore no surprise that Tujipambe the upcoming online fashion merchandiser is marrying these two. This will be Tujipambe’s annual event which will introduce its new collection.
Tujipambe is the epitome of where fashion meets style with class and elegance, boasting fashion selections for women from the curve to the zero. The show will be an extravaganza of high fashion coupled with live music. Italian, award winning jazz maestro Enrico Crivellaro and his band of Pietro Taucher on the Hammond organ B3, Simone Serafini on the bass, Carmine Bloisi on the drum and will be joined by powerful

African American vocalist Brian Templeton all the way from Boston. This will be an all Jazz and Blues black tie themed event. The jazz maestro has been nominated for this year’s Grammy awards in two categories. The show that will feature a 15m long red carpet and will be kick started by youthful street dancers Cardiffreakx, followed by a Tango to Bust Your Windows by Tujipambe models.
Whatever you do make sure you don’t miss the Lingerie showcase which will have 15 showcases with themed characters and costumes to match, from the Dark Siren with her dark feather wings, the Peacock, Temptress with her large red wings to Her Majesty who will bring the whole stage to a standstill to name just but a few.

The only place where fashion meets style with class and elegance. The cast includes dashing award winning Italian maestro Enrico Crivellero and his band with powerful vocals by African American Brian Templeton. (Enrico is currently in the running for TWO Grammy awards for his new album Freeweelin')

The venue is the wild - elephant being serenaded at the water point, the lion hunting the deer with Guitar Rumba playing perfectly in the background

Tujipambe models will take to the floor with ballroom danc...ing and street dance youngsters Cardiffreakx will rock the house Jazz style.

After the fashion show the guests will be entertained by uninterrupted music by the band.
DATE: 2 February 2013.
TIME: 6pm
VENUE: Nairobi National Park (Ivory Burning Centre)
CHARGES:  3,000/- regular  5,000/- VIP

for more info Contact WANJA:

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