11 Jul 2012

Gucci SPRING 2013 SS’13 :- Milan Fashion Week: Gucci SS’13

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Olla my Hombre's?? How have you been of late this new and the past week??? i know, i know i haven't been posting/blogging of for the past week but its coz i have been  up busy working on my new side job which is a fashion editor for a anew magazine in Rwanda i must say it has been fun coz they have been paying for my flights to and fro so I'm not  complaining much. so some Ninja bdw asks me  What do you regret doing this week? which I'm forwarding to you my readers to tell me about your week regrets for me....
Its Spending too much money, what I regret most weeks  Anyhu back to matters of the Heart, Body And Soul FASHION-ED

Frida Giannini dished out a whole spectrum of lively and unconventional colors this season, and kept it all wearable to boot. Peppermint green, light mustard, dusted pinks and red were kept in check by keeping suits and even jacket-and-pants combos monochromatic, and adding neutral complements—except in the case of the black suit, where a pair of baby blue croc-skin loafers stole the ensemble. It just goes to show that a man can wear bright colors—if they happen to come from one of the world's preeminent fashion houses, that is

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