7 Dec 2012

FASHION:- Afro-Pop by (Selly Raby Kane)

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S e r a k a  is a designer brand created in 2008 by Selly Raby Kane a Senegalese fashion designer.Urban, Afro and pop,  Seraka was fed by street art, pop art and music from rock to hip hop.
Just like this new generation, urban, curious and opened to the world Seraka embodies the ultimate blend.  A mix of influences and trends for a unique and uninhibited style.
With attention to detail and a passion for accessories, Seraka builds a strong personality, Free and Sophisticated, Rebel and assertive.

Check-out this SS 2013 collection from Senegalese designer (Seraka). The designs look like a re-union of the 80's with current trends. Selly aims to create contemporary clothing that "embody a mix of Urban, Afro and Pop.
"The brand expresses the spirit of a new generation: assertive, rebellious, free spirited and sophisticated." Are you ready to be part of the new awesome generation? Comment below 


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