26 Mar 2013

Moupia Hats:- so Cool and Trendy! a Must-Have

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Its a new Month and i haven't been updating this blog for the past three months all because all the doors are opened for me and i kinda forgot i owned a blog so Yes! im back now with a bang now that I've worked on my free schedules, from now onward ill be uploading day-to day fashion event photos and what cut over the weekends and the talk of the town where I'll be by the current timing of blogging anyhow less talking and back to today's topic
MOUPIA HATS - Don’t get stuck on the regular snap-backs, Moupia hats are out to spice up your new-season wardrobe

Moupia is not another brand that makes 5 panel hats. All our hats are handmade by the best artisans in Spain, using quality and distinct fabrics, making them with the perfect fit. We will be releasing a lot of different models in very limited quantities constantly, that way we make sure you get a “unique” item for yourself.  

If y'all are looking for a quality snap with its own distinct style, pattern and unique fabric, then Moupia snaps have you covered they are definitely one brand to try out. The Spanish based brand recently released its latest collection and they totally all look amazing if your that african print lover like me. For this collection, the designer sourced out fabrics from the 60′s and the 70′s made in Spain and now out of stock.

african print hats
African prints

according to the designer, "We have improved our hats since our last collection. The interior is even more beautifully done, the finish is amazing. We changed the lining for a softer one and the result is really great, the hats fit better and a little bigger, and are a lot more comfortable."
All snaps by Moupia are all handmade by the best artisans in Spain, using quality and distinct fabrics, making them with the perfect fit.

They are all limited editions so be sure to get yourself one before they run out of stock.
Some of the hats are selling for 45€ to 50€, “The African ones are 50€”

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