5 Mar 2016


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Chulala chulala,Chulz...... yada yada where have you been we miss your writing and blog content that's the sort of mails i scribble through almost each single day..like damn i know you mean well and im like the awesomest funny ninja you have encountered in your lives through my blog thanks to internet but can a brother try to impregnate a light skin and wife her maybe just maybe in peace without you constantly reminding me that i have a blog responsibility to keep you wanting more from m???? :-@
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, thing with blogging is that it needs time investment and energy in-that you constantly have to be publishing your original content and good stuff to,for you to please your followers.. i know most of you reading this post must be like whats this douche' bag talking about ^o) so I'll sadly enough stop with the blog talk and go on and tell u what happened
4:30 a.m on a Wednesday my alarm goes off as usual gym time but this very day i kinda feel like Ive woken up grumpy maybe on the wrong side of the bed you know one of those days *asks you* but still i had to go work out the cause no lady out there loves a skinny ninja.... Yes! Yes! i speak for the ladies these days when it comes to certain matters.  6 a.m im back in the house to shower have my breakfast and leave for work *bleurgh*

Hours go by but since its Wednesday ofcourse time isn't moving as fast as it does on a Sunday, so in the office just sitting there in my cubicle so bored to the brim till i started day dreaming looking at the clock waiting for time to pass by so i can get off, go home and get some rest play my play station 4 Call of Duty, go through my contact list waste almost 2 minuets deciding which friend ill call today to cuddle/make out with .... and by friend i mean a *female* in case your wondering which friend... Anyhow all of a sudden time just stops and I’m sitting there like “what the fudge?” I look around and half of the office has gone for lunch leaving only me and 2 of my other co workers James and Wanjau. Ding! Ding! I here the door chime. I look left on to my office door and there it’s the zuku guys coming to upgrade the office internet meaning its time for me and the guys to go for lunch.

Walking towards the elevator James ofcourse it had to be him cause from the first time i saw him i knew he was a weakling who used to wank with cow oil in his room over some maid or girl he used to fancy for years since he was lacking serious confidence, so he goes

Jamesby the way guys i think im in love and im thinking of taking blah!blah! to meet my folks over the weekend

Wanjau: are you sure shes the one? i mean maybe you should show us her pic to make sure Chulala here hasn't dipped his hand in her cookie jar *stupidly smiles*

which reminds me Chulala when will you stop going out much, changing women and settle for one lady for once whom you may one day take to your mother??

like what the situation between you and the beautiful Ethiopian lady you were with over the weekend? she was really a nice lady and fun

Me: sarcastically smiles but in my head * you stupid fucking panty sniffer your actually right *

Walking down the stairs as i scroll through my whats app, looking for a friend to meetup with after work, then i got a small panic attack, after stumbling into Brenda's *not her real name cause she dint pay for advertisement * number which i thought i deleted back then in a fury, so i dial it cause we have some serious unfinished business if you know what i mean ha!ha evill mojo jojo laugh .... YES!YES! im a caller not much of texter like those high school kids, then i find out i haven't paid for my post paid Argh!!. It’s the Gods trying to tell me something, this is how they communicate and if i listen i would take these signs as a warning and abort! Abort! mission call Brenda. But me being stubborn i don’t and stupid Safaricom MPESA has issues, so i tell the goons to go ahead ill join them after i buy credit and walk across the parking lot and enter a Printing Shop and ask for a scratch card at the counter. A very jovial meru guy cashier says “hakuna bro

So i start leaving still starring at Brenda's whats app profile picture which i must say was eye banging if i was to go into detail anyhu on leaving the counter i bumped into someone who was standing behind me.

Pardon me I’m very sorry” i fumbled. But then as i focused on my body slam-mate, it hit me am no so sorry furthermore im not even sorry, i would gladly walk into them again and again i would even do the Stevie wonder and walk into her again. ” No That’s okay” a sweet sexy voice says accompanied by the cutest dimpled smile Ive seen in ages ever since i saw Kate Upton the swim suit model.

“I was also looking down at my phone” she says.

“Oh!really” i said still looking on at her smile and dimples. 
So quick i pinch myself to see if I’m dreaming or maybe having a wet dream, since I know this can’t be real i mean a perfect hot, light skinned, curvy with dimples lady right here in my boring mode.
Then she reaches out to me and automatically my perverted eyes went straight to her cleavage cause im not so much of an ass kinda guy but a boobs typa goon anyhu so i realize she’s trying to gently move me out of the way because someone else would like to access the counter. Fuck! what a bag of balls i am i call myself in my head..

I looked back at her, embarrassed, but now im sure she’s laughing silently, clearly noticing what a goof ball i am and how shes like a kryptonite to me and me Clark Kent. 

Her: I couldn’t help but overhear you were trying to buy some credit cause i wanted some too.  

  Me  Yes i was "i hurriedly answer"

Her:  Since they don't (pointing in the direction of the cashier) have scratch cards here, we can go check if some chemist i saw when i was coming here have if its ok with you

Me: Yes its absolutely okay with me  

dang! i thought the chemist was far shock tu! it was only 3 shops from where we were.. i needed more time to enjoy her presence and cute laugh,smile etc etc
upon arrival at the chemist since we both cant walk in like couples or fuck buddies who came to buy postinor-2 tablets together she goes how much airtime did you want to buy? before i even answer she says don't mind ill just buy for the both of us then she goes in the chemist and as i stand out there already smiling like a fool saying this is the one Lord.. This is the ONE

After a couple of minutes out she comes walk’s over to me in slow motion her hips moving side by side smoothly, her boobies going up and down just as if they're a...... Hmm!!i don't know, moving on swiftly she takes off her long black trench coat, underneath she has a beautiful short red dress. Now again I’m hoping this isn’t a dream, I’m hoping this is reality. There’s no one around, It’s just me and her enjoying this beautiful kinda erotic weird moment together... "Heey" she goes, hands me over a 1000 kshs.... "here you go" she says with a smile

“let me pay you back,……” as i reach on my back pocket for my wallet

“Gosh No It’s on me” she says smiling again.

she hands me her scratch card so that i can scratch it for her,  then leans over me, gosh!her cleavage when she leaned and her brown bright eyes up close woi!! she grabs me by the collar and tells me “ Hey Cutey i make dreams come true” and then she kisses me on my nose tip. I carry her to the opposite side and return the favor,only that i kiss both sides of her cheeks, And then she grabs the back of my head and pulls me closer to her wet moisturized lips. Her lips tastes like she's been eating peaches. They are so sweet. i then turned to her, picked her up like Batista picking up Rey mysterio which show you how much i work out by the way hahaha!! not that im bragging but i have Mike's  body from jersey shore,

 Come on how pathetic are you that's not what happened you PERVERT 

back to the story,

“Okay, thank you” i said wishing i could stay longer and stare at her beauty and plan our wedding already with her the irony being that i don't do relationships for for her i would right away.  since i have already seen her with me in the future i give her my phone amd ask her to put in her name and number cause we are going to go for our honeymoon today

he!he! she softly laughs as she scribbles her number in my phone

"there you go and in return you also put your number on mine as you walk me to my car" she goes

I hurriedly take back the phone to see how she saved herself or what name she goes with, flexing my bums hoping its not ride your dick all night sally, or #crazybitchlynne... but well her name is just simple Amina

suddenly we stop then she holds out her keys and points at a car, she unlocks it with the alarm button, It’s a sleek s5 BMW, it looks well polished and shiny,

"so this is me" she goes

hugs me and gives me a sweet moist polite kiss on the cheeks then enters her whip flashing me that gorgeous smile, i smiled back like a teenager

I start walking away now clearly conscious of the possibility that she might be looking, so i made my strides more graceful. BRRRRRRRR! my phone vibrates.
“Hey tall handsome one, im just making sure you haven't bumped into someone else again” with an emoji at the end

“ha-ha! no i haven't " i replied as i walked into the office building.

remembering i haven't eaten my lunch and its like 3:50 p.m how time flew

I decide to call Anthony, Caesar and Robinson up and have after work drinks as i brood over my new heavenly sent catch.

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