23 Aug 2011


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Saidi Twalim "chulala' and Travis Gumbs: We Are huge fans of clothing that play a big role within different cultures. About a year ago we saw Gabe Garcia of  The Brooklyn Circus  wearing a really nice vintage guayabera. Not long after, we walked into Prohibit and saw that they had their own guayaberas for sale. A summer later and the guayabera is one of our favorites for staying stylish in this London heat.
The guayabera holds  quite an interesting background. Though its exact origin has not been factually pinpointed, it is understood to have derived from either Cuba or Mexico thogh not my favourite country of fashion like Italia.
The name has been said to originate in Cuba from the wife of a countryman who created a lightweight linen version of the shirt so that her husband can use the large pockets to comfortably carry guava from the fields.
Growing up, I frequently saw guayaberas during the summer, they were worn by older men of a Hispanic or Caribbean background. Until now, I never paid much attention to how detailed and convenient this shirt is. Having those two bottom pockets is really helpful. I stuff just about everything in them: keys, change, phone, you name it. Also, when the pockets are slightly protruding, it compliments the fit and shape of the shirt

A  guayabera is mainly distinguished by two features: 2 or 4 front pockets and 2 front pleats or embroidery. The one me and my friends are wearing is from Prohibit NYC. Gabe’s guayabera is vintage and truly unique. The side embroidery really sets his shirt apart.
Hat: I actually know nothing about the brand that makes this kinda of hat. I picked it up at a hat shop not too long ago. Its a nice, simple version of the Greek fisherman’s hat.
Pants: I got these Save Khaki chinos last summer but only recently started consistently wearing them. I really love the soft cotton feel of them and the fact that they are more high waisted than the average chino pant.
Shoes: I snagged these Opening Ceremony shoes on sale earlier this summer. I wouldn’t hesitate to say that they are my favorite shoes right now. I have no idea what material was used on these shoes. But they create a very interesting two-tone effect. Almost like crushed velvet.

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