14 May 2012


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Hey my lovely fashion-ed, fashionistos/tas Gosh! has it been long since i blogged 3weeks i guess i is??? sorry loves wont happen again now that I'm back and on my job Leave *Hureeee* now from now onwards it back to the old me blogging every morning till evening nothing else to do *sighhhh!!!*  Anyhow back to Matters of the Heart, Body and Soul FASHION-ED today being a Monday I'm going to inform you of my new eye set Designers Beautiful of-course These two designers from .........

Ghana (the Ghanaian label) MAKSI CLOTHING are so.....

contrasting. There dresses look elegant, classy and sweet and together some of them with a jacket  can/will make a great office outfit. Some of them are more edgy and I would totally recommend women, ladies who know what they want to wear them

Anyhu just in-case you are wondering what this Label is all about well its simple. MAKSI Clothing is a unisex fashion label, which creates ‘fab, fresh and funky’ African inspired clothing. With MAKSI you’re bound to find anything you need in your wardrobe. Our women’s wear comprises of delectable dresses, seductive lace tops, and print skirts.  Our men’s wear line is perfect for today’s man, and consists of long line shirts in quality cotton, embroidered kaftans and edgy tops. MAKSI is a business with a social conscience, and launched the innovative ‘Let’s address the issue campaign’ to raises awareness of environmental challenges, and supports Energy Solutions Foundation, a Ghanaian based environmental charity.

elegant and sweet


MAKSI was launched in November 2009 with the support of Accra’s premier Afro-politan hotel, ‘The African Regent’, and since that date has become a trendsetter in modern Ghanaian fashion. The label has quickly garnered local and international attention, and to date has been featured in a range of local and international media including New African Woman Magazine, ARISE magazine and DSTV.

Abena and Nana Darkoa Sekyiamah are the co-founders of MAKSI Clothing. Abena is the Head of Creative Concepts and holds overall responsible for all aspects of design and production. Nana Darkoa is the Head of Business Development and holds responsibility for marketing and communications. MAKSI’s menswear line is designed by Thomas Dzator.

Rock this pinafore dress with or without its matching jacket. The choice is yours


  1. Beautiful, I love African prints!

    Btw, nice blog. just stopping by to say hi and thank you for visiting my blog and your sweet comment!!!!!!



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