18 May 2012

MODEL:- DANI EVANS for "Be One with the Maasai"Campaign

marvin saidi | 09:00 |
You gotta admire a Black woman who rocks color mainly inspired from her roots and country Africa, and does it with style! So when I first DANI Evan's face, Woah! i have to say out loud that lady can totaaaaly geeeeeerit! I just couldn't stop clicking, zooming, staring on here pics live a pervert in a nuns room.  Dani's style's reflects what I love about fashion/Africa - it's fun, it's funky and it's fabulous, As a man who loves mixing prints and color, I was enthralled by her style. Anyhu back to...........

matters of the Heart, Body and Soul FASHION-ED as you by now know that the topic of discussion is on Dani Evans because she has been chosen to premiere in the MASAI CAMPAIGN "Be One with the Maasai"Campaign

Model: Dani Evans
Photographer: Itaysha Jordan
Stylist: Samantha Jo Alonso
Makeup: Merrell Hollis
Hair: Dante Blandshaw

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