15 May 2012

New summer fashion:- by LABEL Ohema Ohene

marvin saidi | 09:07 |
What??? please tell me beats an innovative mind of this London Based African designer Abeena Pokuaa?? Nothing that's what. She goes ahead to prove that she is the one with the OH! by Oheme Ohene as it is a pleasant mix of inspiration, class, African prints and most def creativity.

The New British  fashion label by Ohema Ohene [in Ghanaian language, twi which means Queen & king] was launched in 2008 by British born Abenaa Pokuaa of Ghanaian descent *hureeee!! go GHANA!!* . The label operates in the multi-cultural city of London which serves as one of the labels inspiration as well as it so represents her native Ghanaian roots also.

After successfully completing a degree in Fashion design at London College of fashion; Abenaa then went ahead to work in the Fashion industry developing her technical and commercial understanding of it, then On returning from the East where she did some work experiences, she launched the label Ohema Ohene which includes both men and women’s clothing and recently launched OH!, the labels accessory and footwear range, which i must say is sooo much on point if you are a man you got to have these,  The OH! Range of footwear utilizes affluent batik prints directly sourced from Ghana and genuine traditional motifs blended with more modern imagery.

Ohema Ohene blends quintessentially British styling with West African textiles. Many of the rich prints are directly sourced from Ghana, using authentic traditional motifs blended with more contemporary imagery. Abenaa also designs many of the prints herself as well as using Dutch Wax prints from Holland.The brand gives the wearer a sense of glamour and clever design. Great quality products which are fashion forward, wearable and culturally influenced.

The African prints are nice, but overall there are no surprises, real fashion forward looks.  personally i think i like the African prints sneakers by Ohema Ohene best, as they really stand out on this one.
Ohema Ohene’s mission is to bring to the world total Royal splendor! Producing products which reflect and pay homage to the beauty of Africa fit for any Queen or King!

How do you like their collection?

 Find out more: http://shop.ohemaohene.com/products

TEL: 020 3 490 9357
EMAIL: info@ohemaohene.com


  1. This is great fashion sense. I recently attended Sarah Karay's fashion launch and it is good to see her follow in the steps of great Kenyan fashion designers such as Kaveke

  2. @Ghafla!Guy me to i was there and i so know of what your talking about and thanks to Stylist CHULALA we get to hear and see all fashion stuff on the go.. great work CHULALA

  3. I love your blog and I follow it, thanks for the comment on my blog

  4. thank you so much for visiting my blog, i am already following you.

    love the way African prints are being incoporated into modern fashion
    love it
    i own so much different pieces, new blog post coming so stay tuned x

  5. @Ghafla!Guy how was it Bruv?? i wasn't around in the country so i sadly missed the awesome show but i hear it was so clean and on poooooiiint!!!!

  6. @Emma thanks Emma for the comment i appreciate

  7. @chrisair thanks love i9 appreciate the comment and I'm following you back like promised

  8. @Ms Nana thanks Nana and i have just bookmarked your blog and waiting for your next post


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